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Just to let you know: a while ago, nineko deleted the note equivalent section from the Music Hacking page. The data Mairtus collected is really song specific and changes from song to song, so it isn't a good idea to make these generalities. - Andlabs 10:19, 1 December 2010 (CST)

Yup, while it is true that many fan-made conversions from XM files use 4 as base length as you wrote, 90% of the songs in Sonic 2 use 3 or 6 as base length (mainly to avoid triplet issues). However since this varies from song to song it would be misleading to have a table of values. For the lulz one of the songs in my hack uses a base length of 5 (I converted it wrong >_>) Nineko 10:26, 1 December 2010 (CST)