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<forumuser name="Trunks" /> Trunks is the most awesome and super important user on Sonic CulT, #retro, and various other incredibly important message boards.

He's done the primary colors for Archie's Monthly comic series Sonic the Hedgehog under Matt Herms. Issues worked on: 195, 199 - 211

Trunks is also widely known for his exciting and amazing high quality hoaxes. Unfortunately, due to his lack of knowledge in the field of true ROM hacking (outside of changing the tempo and instruments in Sonic 1's music), he can never make his hoaxes come to fruition. It's sad, really.

While a notable game designer and webcomic maker, he is best known for having mocked Tweaker's avatar and signature on Retro every time he changed it.

Trunks is also known for finding and making playable several unknown levels in the Sonic Rush 2005 E3 Beta, thanks to the help and findings of similarly titled member, Tanks.

Incredible Attributes

  • In #Retro, Trunks is the only member to ascend to the "Half-Operator Status", denoted as a %. While you may consider it to be "lower" than a full operator, you'd be absolutely wrong. Look at the symbol "%". It is clearly the act of slicing a snowman in half, and that is epic. As such, the half-operator status is clearly the most important and awesome operator status of all. It is rumored that drx is one, but it's clearly because he realized that to accept his seat as a full operator would be to lose his awesome % symbol. Since then, he has had his half-op status removed, for no publicly known reason. It may be because of a lack of sexual favors towards Tweaker. Who knows.
  • Trunks is known for his ability to coax a lesbian into a state of heterosexuality. On a good night he could even score Lacey Chabert. Some rumors say that women are lured in by his long, flowing loches that disrupts their sensors, but others rumor it to be his amazing bedside manner.
  • Trunks has been around since no later than 1999, though there is no documentation of this evidence.
  • It is oft rumored that Tweaker and Trunks are the same person, merely for the fact that to have two beings of such incredible power would seem to be dangerous for the well-being of the universe. While the chances of catastrophe are immense, it is not true, Tweaker and Trunks are indeed separate, divine individuals.
  • Within one day of getting his half-ops, he was promoted to a full operator status. Angered and insatiable, he raged, and denied the possibility of willfully renouncing his %, and as such, stayed a half-op until his downfall.
  • Due to Trunks busy schedule Funimation hired Takeshi Kusao to voice him in the television series.

The Rise and Fall

  • Trunks truly is a model user in the community, as he has had stake in it for many, many years. He's had a hand in countless projects and revolutions, and as such has been awarded high status in many Sonic fan communities. One mystery raveled in both secrecy and controversy is the removal of his half-op status in the #Retro chat. As most are aware, Trunks' % was his proudest achievement in the community, although it is also unknown as to how he attained such a status. One night, in a bizarre turn of events, his status was swept away from him, and he was left as a lowly commoner, his only defense, an only semi-functional /ignore command.

Some say it was because of his seldom acts of blind rage and operator abuse (see example below), while others say that it was due to the higher-ups fearing the strength and potential within him. Perhaps it was a conspiracy, a new chapter in an untold story which has yet to be completed. All that can be said is that while he resides in a status of nobility, he will not be able to mindlessly accept his fate as a lowly knight, and will one day rise again to greatness.

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