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The early days

Tamkis was first introduced to Sonic Hacking and the sonic community when one day in the winter of 2006, he decided to research on wikipedia about Sonic 2 and its secrets. From there, he finally found more about HPZ, which he discovered exists in the final version by a GG/PAR code. Then from there, he found out about the former, where he found more about the infamous Sonic 2 beta. He occasionally visited the forums as a guest to try out some hacks of that time, such as s2Delta and Sonic 1 Remastered, which were his first hacks he tried out.

Eventually, he got bored with those forums for some unknown reason, and didn't visit the site for four years.

The modern days

Four years later, he got a PSP with OFW 6.20, and hacked it with the Half-Byte Loader. Because few games would work with early versions of the HBL, he mostly played genesis roms with Picodrive. It was at this moment that his love for Sonic began to grow again, and he started to visit the present-day One day, in November, he decided to join sonicretro and to try hacking Sonic 2. He is currently working on a hack called Sonic 2 Loco, and will be researching the objects in Chaotix for SonED2 as soon as he can get ROMulan working for Chaotix. He has contributed some minor articles in the SCHG, and he has ambitions on creating the first Sonic 2 Rom with modified special stages in his hack, Sonic 2 Loco.

About him

Tamkis likes all sorts of homebrew on his NDSL and iPT, and loves programming. He knows some C++, QuickBASIC, HTML/Javascript, basic x86 asm, and Ti-BASIC. He is most fluent in QuickBASIC, Ti-BASIC, and Spanish. He likes music, but is terrible at creating music (trust me, he has tried). Although someday, he plans on learning on how to play the piano, so he can create tracker music with a physical MIDI keyboard and know better music theory. He likes plenty of bands, including the Black Eyed Peas, Depeche Mode, Linkin Park, and Crush 40. He is an active member of Sonicretro