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SoNick has been in the Sonic hacking community for quite some time. He was a SysOp for the Sonic Retro Wiki for awhile, but then he kind of wandered off and when he returned a few years later he no longer had the title. SoNick lost serious interest in the "Sonic the Hedgehog" game series long ago, but continues to use the name "SoNick" for lack of anything better to call himself. Sonic Generations was fun and Mania was p. good though. SoNick tends to drift in and out of communities online and off, although he's working on breaking this habit.

Between 2014 and 2017, SoNick was heavily involved with the "TwitchPlaysPokémon" Twitch stream, and he hosted the PCs that run the whole thing in his basement from July 2015 - June 2017. During this time he was part of the TwitchPlaysPokémon administrative team, as detailed in in this reddit post. Near the end of June 2016, he left the TPP administrative team citing frustrations and internal drama as reasons for leaving. In April 2017, SoNick advised he is stepping down from hosting the PCs that run the TwitchPlaysPokémon stream, prompting a search for a new host. The last PC was shipped near the end of June 2017 and SoNick has been free from TwitchPlaysPokémon ever since. He does stop by their stream once in a blue moon as evidenced on this chat log site, but it is a rare occurrence.

Outside of the internet, SoNick is a regular in the local music scene, attending almost every show put on at local bars. He's taken up playing Guitar, Bass, and as of late 2019 Drums as well. His guitar is a black MIM Fender Statocaster with an aftermarket green pickguard that really "pops" against the black of the guitar. His bass is an ESP LTD AX-104, although he has an older green Ibanez Mikro guitar-scale bass that he initially started to learn the instrument with. For drums, SoNick has an Alesis Surge e-Drum kit. The built-in samples aren't the best, but so far it has worked very good for a starter e-drum kit. On the first Friday of 2020, a local musician messaged SoNick asking if he wants to form a band and he agreed. No further details are known yet, but this should be a fun adventure!

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