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<forumuser name="setz" /> setz has done a lot to increase understanding of the nothing. He first joined the Sonic Community in 2002 or so, under the alias Sonice. He was notorious for being a controversial figure at the time, making obscure hacks of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, as as well as being banned from Area 51 by figures such as Stealth and Jan Abaza. These bans were never permanent, and their purpose fluctuated; while he wasn't the brightest tool in the shed at the time, he meant no legitimate harm towards the forums.

After the demise of the SSRG, he found himself being fairly active at the Sonic Secrets Center under the alias Setzer. This was short-lived, however, as the SSC would go down a few weeks later. setz would not be seen again in the scene until a year later, when he joined the Invision Power Board incarnation of Area 51 under the alias Skiffles. He would make a few posts there and eventually fade into obscurity.

Around November 2006, setz would eventually find his way back into the Sonic scene via Tweaker's reference, where he would occasionally post once every 6 months or so. However, he wasn't very active in the community, citing dislike of The Sonic 2 Beta Page's board. He would join the original Sonic Retro in August of 2006 once again by reference of Tweaker, where he finally found a board that he was comfortable being active in.

This was short-lived, however, once Sonic Retro merged itself with The Sonic 2 Beta Page. setz would not return to Sonic Retro until later, when the Retro Blue skin was reinstated. Overcome with immense joy, setz joined #retro and became a regular of the boards and IRC.


setz kills way too much time making pixel art, making sadistic comments in the IRC channel, and generally being awesome. He has a low opinion of himself, which is utter blasphemy, considering that he's fucking awesome. If you disagree, you're retarded. Really.

setz has also picked back up on updating his website, adding information about a few projects, and uploading various bash scripts as he makes them. Yes, hes now a linuxfag.


  • jFrontd (Java multi-emulator frontend)
  • jReminder (Program to pop up periodic reminders - I'm very forgetful.)
  • HoBo - The likely not to be finished XBLA game.

Community Status


setz (secretly Tweaker in disguise?!) has been known by many names over the years. Such names include the following:

  • Sonice
  • Setzer
  • Skiffles