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<forumuser name="NovaWizard" /> NovaWizard is a Norwegian scener. He joined Sonic Retro in January of 2007 in order to post about his hack of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, dubbed Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Master Edition, which is a redesign of the original game to incorporate harder difficulty. He is not terribly involved in the Sonic scene as a whole; rather, he tends to work on various projects either on his own or with a group.

He is a superb level designer, having contributed layouts towards both Sonic 1 Pixel Perfect and Sonic Megamix, going as far as to have become a member of the esteemed Team Megamix. His level designs are extremely true to the design in the original Mega Drive games, and are often praised for making excellent use of gimmicks, level resizing, and having unmatched level flow. It is arguable that he has created some of the best level design to ever come out of a Sonic hack.

Outside of ROM hacking, NovaWizard is not often seen in the community. He will occasionally make a tech hoax or post in a general Sonic discussion thread, but he is otherwise not seen around the boards. He is currently focusing on school and real-life issues, and has taken an unofficial haitus until he has more free time.

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