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<forumuser name="MoDule" /> MoDule is a Tech Member on the Sonic Retro forum who shows great ASM skills.

Don't be fooled by the German flag next to his name. He is indeed American, but through some bureaucratic mistake he is also German. He chose the German flag, because he has spent the longer part of his life in Germany and considers himself more German than anything else.

His first thread, posted while he was still a trial member, was already a good example of his abilities. In said thread he posted several snippets of ASM code, with the purpose to «fix a few small bugs that have always bothered him».

Even well-established hackers like Puto and SMTP said good words to him, and Tweaker himself stated that MoDule's posts were "the best possible thing he could be doing in his trial period".

His posting quality has been very high since then, and on Sunday, June 22nd 2008, he was given Tech Membership.