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Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks

My two current custom tracks are: DS Rainbow Road, and, Super Mario Sunshine Delfino Plaza. I love to hack Mario kart, very much. Here are two custom race tracks I am making: Mario Kart DS Rainbow Road, and Super Mario Sunshine Delfino Plaza

My Story

I will keep it short:

I first joined this site, lurking. I was looking up if it was possible to play as Amy Rose In Sonic The Hedgehog, and I found it. I then observed how the site worked since 2009, and then I joined.

A Little About Me

Let's see, I'm: Very good at hacking old 3D games, like Super Mario 64. I'm very good at hacking Mario Kart Wii. And I'm just a trainee in sonic hacking, and I will love to learn how it all works.