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KingofHarts is, in a nutshell, a fan of two things: Sonic the Hedgehog, and pro wrestling. He is from the US, though he enjoys spending time working and living abroad. Most recently he was working in China as a Head Teacher.

Sonic Triad

While studying ROM hacking, he took to hex editing very quickly, and due to feeling like he had WAY TOO MANY hacking utilities on his computer, just to hack one game, he decided to have a try at writing his own. Enter Sonic Triad, a W-I-P disassembly editing suite written in GML that currently has a fully functional palette editor, sprite editor, Sonic 1 Special Stage editor, and a compression format tool. It is currently having various features added and fine-tuned, for an upcoming public release. His ultimate goal is for one program to edit multiple aspects of Sonic's 1-3K with an easy to use interface. He would like to make the program available on the Retro repository in open-source .GM81 format, so that others may edit and modify it freely. Started in Mid-April 2012, it's made fairly good progress. It had taken a bit of a hiatus, however, due to KingofHarts' recent promotion to Head Teacher in his school, however now that KingofHarts has returned to the US, he's continued working on it in full force, aiming for a release before the end of 2014.

SCHG & the wiki

One other bit that KingofHarts has slowly become known for has been assistance with the wiki, primarily with assisting Tech Members with placing multiple bug-fixes and changes onto the SCHG. This was most notable during mid-2012, when multiple members were in a "boom period" of submitting multiple fixes of many kinds for Sonic's 1-3K. The SCHG How-To section had grown immensely during that time period, due in part to KoH's assistance in documenting some of the findings. He has also assisted some members with wiki pages for their hacks as well, and loves to look for any opportunity to add to the official games' pages. His current favorite of which, being the Sonic Jump iOS/Android app.


KingofHarts has also sought after creating a fangame over the past couple of years. Due to an inability to recreate the physics engine from the classic Sonic games, however, all plans for a fangame have been scrapped. KingofHarts has a new, original fangame concept in mind, but is still seeking assistance with the core engine before continuing.

If you are looking for KoH outside of Retro, look for crusaderdesignproject (Game Maker Community), or RetroKingofHarts2010 (YouTube).

He cites Team Megamix as his biggest inspiration as far as his work involving Sonic the Hedgehog, and cites seeing videos of Sonic Megamix on YouTube that are what attracted him to joining Sonic Retro in the first place.

P.S. RIP Owen.