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<forumuser name="Jayextee" /> Jay Townsend, AKA Jayextee (Formerly known as love.self.hate) is one of those crazy brits you're always hearing about. His talents include (But aren't limited to) being an opinionated weirdo, textwalling the forums and making wild accusations about Sonic 3 and Knuckles being overrated. Also is very lazy - collaborate with this person with caution; stuff may never ever get done.

Jay is a top-tier community member. Seriously. No pending approval, no trial members, Jay only, Final Destination. Also, is amazing with children.


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Jay is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts degree in animation, hoping to work within the animation industry afterwards. His interest in the Sonic hacking scene came after playing Sonic Megamix and his love of the 16-bit Sonic games. Jay very regularly admits to having near no technical prowess or knowledge, instead concentrating on his perceived creative strengths, although his output varies sporadically depending on his mood - as a sufferer of manic depression, this is a large factor in his involvement with both Sonic community projects and real-life endeavours.

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  • Ex-Forum Moderator at Sonic Retro.
  • Impossible bastard.
  • Ex-News monkey.