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<forumuser name="ddrmaxromance" /> ddrmaxromance is an active member of the Sonic 2 Beta/Sonic Retro forums. Since January 2006, his main interest is the development of video games, primarily the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Ever since Sega's return with Sonic 4, he has posted his thoughts on the game's progress thus far. He has high expectations and has faith in its completion. Because of the nearing release date of Sonic 4 (Summer 2010), he has chosen to leave the community. This allows him to experience Sonic 4 without ruining any surprises. Due to the recent leaks of Splash Hill Zone gameplay, the entire game soundtrack, and various screenshots of the other levels, this choice makes sense.

Along with helping out on Sonic Retro's wiki, he has worked on a Sonic 1 hack known as SSRGIcon.png Soniquest. The game features changes in art, disassembly, music, and palettes. The game's development became inactive for a while, but is regularly updated after overtime.

Besides gaming, he is very interested in music and is taking college courses related to the art form.

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