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<forumuser name="Cooljerk" /> Cooljerk is an Oldbie who recently returned to the Sonic scene after a several-year hiatus. While he originally split his time between serious posts and trolling (hence the Cooljerk moniker), he's since become an entirely serious member of the Sonic Community.

Cooljerk stumbled upon the Sonic Scene via Area 51 mere months after it went online, making him one of the oldest members of the community. Among the events he predates are the discovery of the Hidden Palace Zone PAR codes (and the subsequent Oil Palace Zone discovery) and the Simon Wai Sonic 2 Beta. He was a resident of SSRG during the great-war days of SSRG vs Sonic CulT, though he holds no personal animosity towards CulT.

Cooljerk is currently a senior at the University of Texas in Austin. He is still actively, albeit slowly, developing his custom 2D game engine - NeedleMouse - mainly for portfolio padding along with interest in knowledge of the Sonic Engine. He's not above picking the brains of various scene hackers to gain a better understanding of the engine. A comp sci and film major, Cooljerk is a minor hacker in the scene, though he prefers to code in a high level language.

Recently, Cooljerk returned to the Sonic scene, largely in part due to S2Beta's open arms policy and the warm reception he received, especially from admin Tweaker. He was involved in the Sonic 2 HD project for a few weeks before dropping out ultimately due to a combination of jman2050's departure from the project and a lack of time due to work and school.