Tribeam's Realtime Palette Editor

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The Palette Editor, editing Angel Island Zone's palette in Sonic 3
Tribeam's Realtime Palette Editor, as the name itself suggests, is a realtime palette editor, programmed by Tribeam. Opposed to many other Palette Editors out there, it edits palettes while playing the game, giving the chance to immediately see the changes. It is a LUA script that runs in Gens Rerecording 11a (or better).


  • Edit the main and underwater palettes during gameplay
  • Save a set of palette colors to Hard Drive
  • Load a set of palette colors and place the line of colors anywhere on the main or water palettes from Hard Drive
  • Water Palette Creator (takes the main palette and applies a tint of your choice to it)
  • Gradient Builder
  • Lock Palette
  • Game Selector Window (this pops up when the script cannot determine what game it's suppose to read from, mainly for hacks)

Supported Games

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File: Tribeam's Realtime Palette Editor (13 kB) (info)
Current version: 1.1