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> Subject: (unknown)
> Hey, Rob, good to hear from you.

Hi, Ed.

>> SCREAM THEME PARK (#85) Shortfuse.
> This was amusing. You redesigned Max Gamble slightly from Mike Hadley's
> original story in #81 - he became thinner, anyway, and slightly more cartoony.
> I liked the redesign, and I liked Max Gamble. Although he lost his edge over
> time.

I hadn't seen Mike's version at the time, and based my version on Lew's
sketches (Lew often provided visual concepts in his scripts -- he came up
with the basic "Samurai" look for Shortfuse's armour). Lew had obviously
imagined him to be a spiv and a con artist, but Mike had him down as
Daredevil's Kingpin, right down to the cravatte (sp?). Although that
characterisation sometimes worked, mostly he needed a certain lack of
physical presence.

>> SMALL CHANGE (#88) Tails, apparently. Don't remember it at all.

> Grimer's evil cousin or brother or something, Slimey, shrinks Tails. Steve
> White did an awful colouring job.

Ah, yes, I remember. Nice ant, nice robot, nice Tails-inside-robot wiring
sequence. I enjoyed drawing that, I did.

>> A CHRISTMAS WISH (#93) Excellent Lew Stringer Christmas lead, printed with a
>> *HUGE* disclaimer about jumping out of windows dressed as a superhero.
> I think this was the funniest part of the story, actually; I wasn't a big fan
> of "A Christmas Wish". It wasn't awful, it just wasn't tremendous, although I
> now get the Spider-Man refs which makes it slightly funnier.

The second funniest thing is the medical chart at the end of the wee pig's
bed in the final scene. He's happy now, but it's all downhill according to
his stats.

>> BOILING POINT (#97) Shortfuse reaches a melodramatic peak!
> This was fantastic. Unbelievable script, excellent art and... well, pretty
> average colours really, but you can't have everything.

I quite liked Steve White's colours, actually. It had a muted quality, which
is sometimes just what you need.

>> VOTE FOR ME (#101). Sonic lead. I liked it!
> It was a nice idea, but I think it could have been done more seriously and
> been more interesting. But then, I like politics: I guess most kids possibly
> don't. The art was great here though, especially when the contestants don
> their battle suits to destroy the city as they beat seven bells out of each
> other.

Battle suits ripped off of Nigel D's Gorilla marshalls in that Knuckles
strip with the talking trees. Mr Pritch used them too in another story. We
liked 'em!

>> DIY DANGER (#103) A modern classic which needs no introduction.
> Even quality linework and gorgeous colours can't make me like this. Rereading
> it after 2 years of absence from STC however did, strangely. Well, like is a
> bit strong; but it was mildly amusing.

You know, sometimes you get a script, and you just have to run with it ;)

>> AMY AND TEKNO POSTER (#unknown) Well, I invoiced for it, so I guess I did
>> it. Anybody remember this?
> No, actually. I'm sure Zac will. But it does remind me, there was a picture on
> the back issue ordering form around this time of Tails on a sledge with a
> bobble hat on; it looked like John Burns colouring. Any idea where this came
> from; it was very small and looked like it was from a comic strip, but I could
> never find where this script might be. It wasn't one of your earlier ones,
> because the style was distinctively more like the contemporary stories.

Ah, was taken from a Christmas card that I hand painted for the STC
editorial crew. I think it was pretty early on, maybe '95, and I did it
Calvin & Hobbes style. My Sonic work moved steadily in that direction over
the years.

>> RECIPE FOR DISASTER (#122) Tails plus celebrity chefs. The last strip I drew
>> in Britain!
> This was horrible.

Could have been worse. Could have had Jamie Oliver in it.
>> YESTERDAY'S HEROES (#128) Don't remember.
> What a brilliant title. Anyway, a new superhero upstages Amy, Tekno and
> Shortfuse at every badnik attack. It turns out to be a devious duck who is
> fighting fake badniks, and when a real badnik attack comes by, the duck
> scarpers. This was gorgeous to look at: the duck character was great, there
> were lots of cool action panels, and the final shots were really atmospheric.
> Nigel Dobbyn did top colouring for great linework on a... dodgy script. Again.

Oh yeah. That one was fun. Again, Lew designed the duck's super-duds.

>> SINGING IN THE VANE (#131) Fabian Vane.
> Crumbs, I don't remember this. It sounds like it was renamed though -
> presumably this is the #132 Vane story where Vane has himself kidnapped to get
> publicity. Don't quite see the relevance of the title though, I think it was
> changed to "Vane Hopes" or something like that.

Yeah, I remember. I like drawing caves, too.

>> OUT OF TIME (#139-140) The western strip I always wanted to draw :) Amy,
>> Tekno, Colonel Granite.
> I recall this had tremendous horses...

Horses are hard to draw.

>> REVENGE! (#142) Exciting title, but not so exciting that I actually remember
>> it. I invoiced for seven pages, so it must be a lead strip.
> Nack the Weasel returns. Nigel K wrote it, but it was a bit dull. Nice ideas
> showing Sonic as really arrogant though.

Oh, *that* one. I recall my artwork was really sparse. Something about Nack
disagrees with me.

> Anyway, I've got to go. Thanks for the fascinating rundown, Bob! :)
> Ed

You're welcome, and thanks for filling in the gaps.