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Level select

SK level select.png

Enabled by default. Scroll down and select "Sound Test" on the title screen.

Edit mode

Sonic3C0408 MD Comparison DebugMonitors.png

Play sounds 01, 03, 05, 07 in the sound test. Hold A + Start while selecting a level.

All Chaos Emeralds

Play sounds 02, 04, 06, 08 in the sound test. A Chaos Emerald sound will confirm correct entry.

Night mode

Sonic3C0408 MD NightMode.png

Enable the edit mode code above and hold C+Start when selecting a level.

Unused content


Art Offset Description
Sonic3C0408 MD Sprite S&KDataSelectIcons.png
$23A3DE A set of Data Select level icons for the Sonic & Knuckles Zones, found in the ROM padding area as well as in the normal ROM area. The S&K Zones were not implemented into the Data Select menu until the S&K 0525 prototype.

These icons have their own set of differences - Flying Battery Zone is still using its original icon from Sonic 3, Lava Reef Zone and Death Egg Zone's icons are earlier versions with different/less details, and Hidden Palace Zone's icon is missing entirely[1].

Sonic3C0408 MD Sprite MHZEarlyPoles.png
$AE9A6 Earlier versions of the swinging poles found in Mushroom Hill Zone. The palette suggests they may have been wooden instead of metal[2].
Sonic3C0408 MD Sprite FBZEarlyPendulum.png
$AE31A An earlier version of the swinging pendulums found in Flying Battery Zone Act 2, found in the ROM padding area by Jorge. The base has a different design. Like the S&K Zone icons, these graphics also exist outside of the leftover data, but are impossible to see normally[1].
Sonic3C0408 MD Sprite SPZEarlyPulley.png
$AFB68 An earlier version of the abseiling pulleys in Sandopolis Zone, found in the ROM padding area. The hoist wheel has an almost entirely different design and the shading on the cable itself is less complex[1].
Sonic3C0408 MD Sprite LRZ2DeathEgg.png
An earlier version of the Death Egg sprite seen at the end of Lava Reef Zone Act 2, found in the ROM padding area. It's using the colors of the enemy palette line ($01) and the shading differs in areas[3].
Sonic3C0408 MD Sprite SSZEarlyBridges.png
$B2C46 Earlier versions of the collapsing bridges in Sky Sanctuary Zone, found in the ROM padding area. Compared to the final, this design is more consistent with the look of the floating platforms[1].

Sonic 3 ending leftovers


Big Arm cannot be fought in this prototype, but its data from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 remains intact and can be hacked back in to the game. Once restored, it can be fought and defeated as normal, and the ending from Sonic 3 will take place, followed by the credits. This time however, Knuckles can also get this ending, and uses all the correct poses until the giant Sonic sprite shows up, messing up Knuckles' palette. For some reason, the screen fades to the credits a slightly faster than it does for Sonic & Tails[4].


Sonic the Hedgehog 3C (prototype 0408), prototype version of Sonic the Hedgehog 3
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