Sonic Boom (transcript)

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This is the English transcript of the SatAM episode Sonic Boom.

[Various computer readouts are shown, then switching to a scene of Robotropolis at night. A small flying robot goes by the screen as the scene follows it around Robotropolis. A green shuttle-like robot crosses paths with the robot and the camera switches to the new robot, following it up a building's side. It approaches an entrance to the building while a scout vessel flies by. The robot enters the building and lands on a rotating platform. The platform rapidly declines down a shaft, with a display showing floor numbers. Once it reaches 51, a door opens and it drives through. Entering an industrial-like complex, it approaches another shuttle-like robot, this one yellow.]

Shuttle Robot: All secure.

[The robots go their separate ways, with the camera following the yellow one. It enters a hatch.]

[Nearby, through a shaft, Sonic is rushing along when he stops. He looks back and whispers loudly.]

Sonic: Come on! Come on! Get the old legsky out guys.

[ Antoine D'Coolette and Cat slowly catch up to Sonic, out of breath.]

Sonic: I'm waiting!

[He looks out a vent beside him and sees the green robot from earlier approach it.]

Sonic: Chill! Swatbot!

[Sonic, Antoine and Cat stand to the side as the vent opens. Using its arm, the bot shines a light into the shaft and looks around. After some time, the bot stops and opens its main glass compartment, revealing Sally Acorn.]

Sally: Hi guys.

[Sonic looks over as she exits the robot.]

Sonic: Bout time, Sal. You ready?

Sally: Ready!

Sonic: Okay guys, let's do to it. Cat, Antoine, you guys cover our backs. Any bots show up, give us the signal. Any questions?

Antoine: Yes, I have a question. What if...

[Sonic interrupts and leaves the shaft.]

Sonic: Cool.

[Sonic drops down to beside Sally.]

Sonic: I'm outta here. Let's lock-and-load Sal.

[The duo walk away from the area with Cat and Antoine watching from the vent.]

Antoine: Bon voyage!

Cat: Good luck!

[Sally and Sonic, in the industrial-like area from before, walk on-top of a ramp-like contraption. Above them is a large plane. Sally opens up a hatch on it, with Sonic boosting her up into it. The fuselage is full of electronics. Sonic remains outside, while looking in on Sally working.]

Sonic: Man, what is all this stuff?

Sally: It's the brains of the plane.

Sonic: And you're gonna do a little brain surgery, right?

Sally: More or less. First I have to break the access code, get into Robotnik's mainframe computer, and reprogram the launch data.

[Sally takes off a device from one of her boots and continues to work.]

Sonic: Then kaboom, these stealth butts are luncheon, yes?

Sally: They're luncheon, yes.

[Sally puts the device, NICOLE, into a slot on the station she's working with.]

Sally: NICOLE.

NICOLE: Ready, Sally.

Sally: Access main database.

NICOLE: Password, Sally.

Sally: Run decoding program for X.

[A holographic display appears with a grid. Numerous password combinations appear as NICOLE tries to determine it. It eventually stops on one word: Meteor. Sally looks at the display closely as Sonic, taps his hands on the metal frame of the fuselage impatiently.]

Sally: Sonic, do you mind?

Sonic: Not very well. Dogs mind, not hedgehogs.

Sally: Well show a little patience.

Sonic: Hey, hey, hey, patients are for hospitals. We're in robo-country, and that makes me itchy.

[He looks out from the fuselage and sees two shuttle-like bots roaming around.]

Sonic: Whoa, hurry it up, Sal. Party-crashers coming.

NICOLE: Incoming message.

[A message comes up on the holographic display: Bean.]

Sonic: Bean?

Sally: Oh my gosh, Sonic, my father called me Bean when I was little. NICOLE, give me message origin.

[Sonic looks outside again and sees one of the bots still roaming around. It starts to come toward the duo.]

Sonic: Sal! We gotta put the pedal-to-the-metal!

Sally: I have to check this out. It may be from my father!

NICOLE: Message origin: Area 12, Sector 9, Quadrant 32.

[The holographic display shows a map of the Dark Swamp.]

Sally: The Dark Swamp?!

[The bots get closer. One passes Sally's abandoned bot and looks curiously. In the shaft itself, Antoine and Cat standard at guard while the bot looks through the vent. It eventually leaves, prompting Antoine to give off a sigh of relief.]

Antoine: What is taking them from so long?

Cat: Those computers can be tricky. Relax, Antoine.

Antoine: Relax? Yes! Yes! A very good ide...

[Antoine leans on the vent causing it to open and him to fall out. He lands at the feet of the bot that was checking the vent. It starts firing lasers at him as he runs for cover back into the shaft, screaming all the way. Some of the shots enter the shaft, causing both Cat and Antoine to run deeper into the shaft.]

Sonic: Oh man, Ant did it again! Look Sal, when I juice, jam for the air duct. I'll meet you at the usual place.

Sally: Be careful, Sonic.

[Sonic departs from the fuselage and lands on the ground. He looks at the two bots and runs at them.]

Sonic: Yo, Swatbutts.

[They start firing their lasers at him as he dodges them with ease.]

Sonic: How about a little laser tag?

[He passes by the bots to the side, making them chase after him. Once gone, Sally runs toward the vent and is helped up by Cat and Antoine.]

[The bots continue to fire at Sonic, missing every shot. More bots have joined, but Sonic responds to this by weaving between all of them, causing confusion. In the shaft, Cat, Antoine and Sally are making their way through it. Sonic's continuous swerving has made the bots confused.]

Sonic: Yo, Swatbutts, aren't you looking for me? I'm the only one around!

[The bots eventually break out of their confusion and fire at Sonic, who is on a pile of scrap metal. He dodges it by hopping backwards and into the shaft. The bots continue to fire but miss as Sonic rushes after the rest of the group.]

[Reaching a T-intersection, Antoine and Sally run left, but Cat stops and looks back, seeing one of the bots from earlier approaching.]

Cat: Here comes trouble!

[Cat walks off to the right as the bot enters the intersection. It proceeds after Cat to the right.]

[In a dank area outside Robotropolis, Antoine and Sally approach an aged wall. They both sit on an old pipe as Antoine lets out a sign.]

Sally: It's Sonic!

[Sonic zips over the two and runs back, approaching Antoine in anger.]

Sonic: What happened, Antoine?

Antoine: It was not my fault. Cat said I should relax, and I leaned against the...

Sonic: ...yo! Where's Cat?

Sally: He was right behind us in the tunnel a-and then we lost him.

Sonic: Swatbots must've busted him. I'm juicing back.

[Sonic goes to run off, but Sally stops him.]

Sally: Sonic, I'm sure that message was from my father. I'm going to the Dark Swamp and find him. Antoine can come with me.

[Sonic responds in shock.]

Sonic: Antoine?!

Sally: Yes, Antoine.

Sonic: You're kidding, riiight?

Sally: I'm kidding...wrong!

Sonic: Wrong?

Sally: Right!

Sonic: Right or wrong?

Sally: You're wrong, I'm usual.

[Sally takes Antoine's arm and walks past Sonic. Sonic responds by grabbing his stomach.]

Sonic: Excuse me while I chunk my breakfast.

Sally: Whatever. Come on, Antoine.

Sonic: Yo, Sal.

[Sonic runs up to Sally and Antoine.]

Sonic: Soon as I find Cat, I'll blast for the swamp. Be mondo careful.

Sally: You too, Sonic.

Sonic: Gotta juice it loose!

[Sonic charges up and rushes away in a trail of fire.]

[In Robotropolis at night, in Robotnik's lair, he lowers his chair in his control room while Snively slowly walks up behind him.]

Robotnik: Tell me Snively, how did the hedgehog get past all my security?

Snively: Through an air duct, Dr. Robotnik.

Robotnik: An air duct?

Snively: Yes, sir

Robotnik: Then seal it off!

Snively: Yes, sir. One more thing, sir, we captured a Freedom Fighter.

Robotnik: Well, that's good. That's very dang good, Snively.

[Robotnik rotates his chair to face Snively.]

Robotnik: Where is he?

[Snively points beyond Robotnik.]

Snively: Bring in the prisoner!

[Robotnik rotates his chair again as two of the bots from earlier drag Cat into the room. Cat struggles to escape, despite having a restraint on.]

[A thunderstorm has started in Robotropolis, lightning striking near Robotnik's lair.]

Robotnik: Tell me where Knothole is, old boy, and you have my word that you will not be...roboticized.

[Cat is bound to a chair near Robotnik.]

Cat: I'm not telling you nothing about nothing, Robotnik!

Robotnik: Ooh, I wouldn't be so sure about that, old boy. I have machines of all kinds, marvellous machines, that can do things you would not believe.

[Cat gulps.]

[Sonic zooms into Robotropolis, going through the various streets. He eventually stops at a side of a trench as a shuttle-like Swatbot flies by. He ducks and the bot flies by, not noticing Sonic. Sonic gives chase to the bot as it flies away. It enters a building and stops, deploying a ramp. A Swatbot and Cat depart the shuttle. Sonic, hidden from cover behind a building support, watches on. He sees the Swatbot escort Cat into an elevator.]

Sonic: Hang in, Cat.

[He looks around and rushes at the elevator, but the door has closed. He enters into a Spin Dash and wedges himself into the door, causing it to open. He stops and looks up at the immensely tall elevator shaft. Walking back, he charges up and runs up the shaft, leaving a trail of fire. As he continues up, he sees another elevator coming his way. He quickly Spin Dashes into the nearest door, wedging it open. He looks around and notices Cat in a jail cell. Cat is asleep on a bench.]

Sonic: Psst! Cat! You alright?

[Cat wakes up and walks over to Sonic.]

Cat: Robotnik's surveillance picked up Sally. He knows she's headed for the Dark Swamp. You gotta save her!

Sonic: But, what about you?

Cat: It doesn't matter.

[A laser blast narrowly misses Sonic, he ducks while Cat returns to his bench.]

Cat: Go, Sonic! Go!

[Sonic gasps as he runs off dodging laser fire.]

Sonic: Not to worry, Cat, I'll be back!

[Sonic rushes away into the elevator shaft.]

[In the Dark Swamp, a spybot hovers around as Sally and Antoine walk around in knee-deep water.]

Antoine: *gasp* How much more farther, my Princess? Hmm?

Sally: We'll know when we get there, Antoine.

[Sally stops, making Antoine bump into her back. They both shriek. Sally sighs once she sees it was Antoine, but Antoine has jumped onto a tree branch, still shaking from fear.]

Sally: Antoine, what's wrong?

Antoine: A t-t-thousand pardons, my Princess.

Sally: Are you alright? You're trembling.

Antoine: Not trembling, my Yes! I must have catch them...ah, you say *Sneeze* Uh...ah! a terrible cold! Um, I think we should return to Knothole.

Sally: No, Antoine. My father is alive, I know it, and I'm gonna find him.

[Sally begins to walk away.]

Antoine: But we're having no idea where he is.

[Sally stops and takes out NICOLE.]

Sally: NICOLE, is there any kind of structure in the Dark Swamp?

NICOLE: Searching...

[A spherical hologram appears over NICOLE, a castle-like structure is shown.]

NICOLE: One structure. Ironlock Prison. Schematic display.

Sally: Ironlock Prison?! Oh no! Come on Antoine!

[She puts away NICOLE and continues on.]

Antoine: B-But Princess, wait!

[Antoine, fumbling in the tree, causes the branch to break, forcing him to fall.]

[Sonic, now approaching the Dark Swamp, stops at a cliff-edge overlooking the swamp. A sound of a mosquito is heard.]

Sonic: Oh man, I hate swamps.

[Sonic hits his head in an attempt to kill the mosquito.]

Sonic: They're full of bugs and junk. Juice time!

[Sonic charges up and continues on into the swamp. He stops at a point laden with scrap metal.]]

Sonic: SALLY!

[He listens, but there is no reply.]

Sonic: Bummer. Whoa...

[He looks down and sees two sets of footprints.]

Sonic: Yeah! Now we're getting somewhere!

[Sonic goes to follow the footprints, with Robotnik's spybot looking on from above. The video feed is being shown to Robotnik and Snively in Robotnik's lair.]

Snively: Doctor Robotnik! We have the hedgehog! He's in the Dark Swamp.

Robotnik: He's looking for the Princess. A possible double-header. Launch the stealthbots!

Snively: Yes, sir.

[Snively presses a button on his control panel. In another room, klaxons and lights go off as the stealthbots get ready to launch. A door opens above them.]

[Back in the Dark Swamp, Sonic continues to follow the footprints with the spybot following. In Robotropolis, a stealthbot flies up from the doorway that opened and launches away at high-speed.]

[Sally and Antoine are still walking along to the prison, walking in knee-deep water again.]

Antoine: How much farther, my Princess?

Sally: Any minute, Antoine.

[They approach some foliage, which Sally moves aside and enters.]

Antoine: Sacre bleu! Is that...

Sally: Yes...Ironlock.

[They look up at the old and dilapidated rock building. Sally brings out NICOLE.]

Sally: NICOLE, give me all data on Ironlock.

NICOLE: Searching, Sally. Built in 1543, abandoned 100 years ago. No other data.

[Sonic continues to follow the footprints at an extremely fast pace. Going over the water, the stealthbot arrives. Sonic sees it and increases his speed. Two lights blink on the stealthbot and it fires a missile at Sonic.]

Sonic: Whoa!

[He looks up to see the missile coming right for him.]

Sonic: Hedgehog missile alert! Hitting warp seven!

[As the missile approaches Sonic, he increases his speed even more. The stealthbot moves ahead and goes above a hollow dead tree. Sonic looks ahead and snaps his fingers.]

Sonic: Time to dust one stealthbot.

[He speeds ahead into the tree and goes up it, with the missile following him in it. He hops out and lands on a branch as the missile continues upwards, slamming into the stealthbot, causing it to explode.]

[Sally and Antoine approach Ironlock at an old bridge. Antoine whimpers. As they start crossing the bridge, it starts creeking and moves unsettingly, forcing Sally and Antoine to slow down.]

Antoine: I'm thinking this is not safe...

Sally: Don't be such a worrywart, Antoine.

[The bridge begins to move more, almost looking like it's about to give way. It settles down in a lower arc position. Antoine holds onto Sally.]

Antoine: Are you alright, my Princess?

Sally: *gasping for air* Yeah, I'm fine.

[They continue to walk along the bridge slowly, it continues to move in an unsettling manner. It starts to vibrate more, causing Antoine and Sally to lose their balance and panic.]

Antoine: Run Princess, run!

[Antoine grabs Sally as they dash for the end of the bridge. It finally gives out and falls into a deep chasm as they reach the end, holding onto a cliff edge for their lives. Antoine gets himself up.]

Antoine: Come on Antoine, that's right. [He grabs Sally's hands] Come on Sally!

[He helps her up. Once up, they look up at the menacing structure again. The walls, from their vantage point, are extremely tall. They walk on toward the entrance.]

Antoine: Princess, I am hating to be such a, um, how you say...uh, err...such a worry-worm, but this terrible place, it's not so good for our health. I am thinking this is so... [He kisses her hand] We go home, yes?

Sally: We go home, no, Antoine. If my father is in there, I'm going to find him. Is that clear?

[Antoine shakes his head, but rethinks his response. He nods his head.]

Antoine: Oui, oui, my Princess, very clear, very clear. But...

Sally: No 'buts', Antoine. Now let's go.

[Antoine gives a scared look.]

Sally: Antoine!

[Antoine jumps and runs after Sally as she enters the prison.]

Antoine: Oui, oui, Princess! Here I am! I'm right behind you Princess.

[He keeps his distance as they both pass the entrance.]

Sally: That's comforting...

[They continue on in, Antoine in absolute terror.]

[Sonic is still following Sally and Antoine's path, going over a river. He passes by the footprints, but comes back to them.]

Sonic: Right behind ya, Sal!

[He follows the footprints again.]

[In the prison, Sally and Antoine pass through a jail block. Antoine yelps.]

Antoine: My Princess, maybe I'm thinking we should...

Sally: Antoine! Look!

[They run over to a piece of red fabric on the ground. Sally picks it up.]

Antoine: What is it?

Sally: It's from my father's cloak. I recognize the design. He was here...

[She holds the fabric close, Antoine walks up to comfort her.]

Sally: Come on!

[She continues on with more determination. As they pass a wooden door, a gust of wind enters the hall, closing it. Antoine freaks out from the noise and hops into Sally's arms.]

Antoine: Heh-heh-heh-heh, 'ello. It was just a clever way to get into your arms, my Princess.

[Sonic arrives at the castle. He looks up at it.]

Sonic: Whoa, mondo spooky.

[He rushes at the moat surrounding the castle and jumps over it, making it to the entrance.]

[Sally and Antoine open a door, entering a dark room.]

Sally: Antoine, my father was in here.

Antoine: This is good, yes?

[A hand reaches out and grabs Antoine from behind. He freaks out and flies upwards. Sally gasps as she sees the mystery person, Sonic, at the doorway. He looks up at Antoine who is on top of a wall partition.]

Sonic: What are you doing up there, Ant?

Sally: Sonic.

Sonic: What's up, Sal?

Sally: Look what I found.

[She presses a few buttons on NICOLE and acknowledges a computer in the room.]

Sonic: A computer, so?

Sally: My father must've sent me those messages from this computer.

Sonic: Looks real ancient. Does it work?

Sally: I don't know.

[She presses a few buttons on the computer.]

Sally: Keep your fingers crossed. [It activates] Yes!

Computer: Access code, please.

[Sally ponders.]

Sally: Try: Bean.

Computer: Standby for message. Bean, check SUB-TER file (?). End of message.

[Sally cries.]

Sally: That's definitely from my father. Somehow he knew I'd find it.

Antoine: Fantastique! What does it mean?

Sally: He didn't finish the message. But at least, now, I know he's alive, I-I just don't know where!

[She goes back to the computer.]

Sally: Computer, access SUB-TER file.

Computer: Checking: SUB-TER file.

[The computer screen shows a map.]

Sally: Guys, look at this! Do you know what these maps do? They give us access to all of Robotropolis!

[Sonic points at a part of the map.]

Sonic: Check out the tunnels! Man, I didn't know they existed.

[Sally takes out NICOLE.]

NICOLE: Ready, Sally.

Sally: Access main database.

NICOLE: Accessing.

[Sonic leans against a wall and taps his fingers impatiently. He looks at his watch.]

NICOLE: Password, Sally.

Sally: SUB-TER.

Sonic: NICOLE, get the ole' data out.

NICOLE: Access granted.

Sally: Transfer to holographic disk.

[A loose rock above Sonic falls off the wall and lands on the computer, causing it to malfunction. Suddenly, the whole room starts shaking.]

Sonic: Hey! What's going on?!

[The floor opens up underneath them and they fall into a cavern with water and mud.]

Antoine: Oh terrible! What happened?

Sonic: That dumb cell was booby-trapped, that's what happened.

Antoine: But what is this place?

[Sonic stands up, he, Antoine and Sally are covered in mud.]

Sonic: Eww, whatever it is, it sure stinks.

[Sally walks over to Antoine and Sonic. Sonic hears some creeking, causing him to gasp. He looks down the cavern and sees a red light.]

Sonic: Okay, you guys. Hang here, I'm gonna scope out that red light.

[He charges up and rushes along the cavern, slinging mud back at Antoine. Antoine wipes it off. After some waiting, Sonic returns, slinging more mud at Antoine.]

Sally: Sonic, are you okay?

Sonic: Wherever we go, we can't go that way!

Antoine: Why not?

[The ground shakes as a large slug-like one-eyed monster emerges.]

Sonic: That's why!

Sally: Oh my gosh! What is it?!

Sonic: Someone you never want to marry.

[The monster screams.]

Sonic: Plus, he's in a bad mood.

Sally: But that's our only way out!

Antoine: What, what, what, what, what are we gonna do?

Sonic: Ask about his mother! Maybe he's not such a bad guy!

[The group are backed to a wall as the monster lurches toward them.]

Sonic: Nooo, he's ridin' to the core! I've got an idea. [He points to his backpack] Sal, grab the power ring. Okay, when I hold up my hand, slap it in.

[Sally reaches into the backpack and grabs the power ring, but keeps her hand in the pack. Antoine does the same.]

Sally: Got it.

Sonic: Juice time! Hold on!

[Sonic charges up as he races at the monster with Antoine and Sally in tow. The monster speeds up and runs at the trio. Sonic holds up his hand and Sally passes the power ring. Using the ring, Sonic charges up and greatly increases in speed.]

Antoine/Sally: Whoaaaa!

[They dash right into the monster's mouth. It looks ill as its tail extends explodes, revealing machinery. Sonic, Antoine and Sally land behind the monster.]

Sonic: Chill guys, everything's cool.

[They walk over to the monster, which is sparking from all the broken machinery.]

Sally: Sonic, how did you know it was robotic?

Sonic: The hedgehog knows.

Antoine: But now I am thinking we have another problem, hmm? How do we get the hecks out of here?

[Behind the group is a fork in the cavern. Sally takes out NICOLE.]

Sally: NICOLE, bring up 'Bean'.

[A holographic display of the map from earlier appears. Sally looks at it as Sonic taps his feet impatiently.]

Sonic: I'm waaitiing.

Sally: I've got a great idea! We'll take that tunnel!

[Sally points at a pathway in the tunnel system on the map.]

[The trio travel through the cavern system and stop after entering a clearing. They look around an immense cave with many rock formations.]

Sonic: Whoa, way cool.

Sally: According to those maps, we should be very close.

Antoine: To what?

Sally: You'll see. Follow that light source.

[She points at a bright yellow light on the other side of the cave.]

[In Robotropolis, a yellow shuttle-like bot travels along. Nearby, hidden behind a rock formation, Sally, Antoine and Sonic poke their heads out.]

Sally: Let's go.

[They leave the formation and tread slowly. They approach a ramp-like object that is holding a stealthbot, which Sonic helps Sally up on. Sally does some modifications to the stealthbot. They continue on in the area making modifications to other stealthbots. She gives the thumbs-up to Sonic after she's done the last one.]

Sally: Done. That's the last one. These stealthbots are history!

Sonic: I got one more thing to do. Meet you guys at the usual, gotta juice!

[He rushes away into a corridor, making numerous stops on his journey to find his way at various intersections. He eventually makes it to Cat's cell. He looks in, but it is empty.]

Sonic: Cat?

[Sonic holds back a tear, and is narrowly hit by a laser blast again. He looks over to see Swatbots entering. He dashes away as the Swatbots continue to fire their laser cannons.]

[In Robotnik's command center, a siren goes off.]

Computer: Intruder alert. Detention building. Intruder alert.

[Robotnik looks at a display and sees Sonic zipping through a rocky area.]

Robotnik: Consider yourself terminated, hedgehog.

[He presses a button on his chair, activating a series of doors for the stealthbots. Outside Robotropolis, Sonic has met up with Sally and Antoine, as the stealthbots prepare to launch.]

Sonic: He's launching the stealhbots.

[He searches his backpack and brings out the spybot that was spying on them from earlier.]

Sonic: News at eleven.

[He aims the bot toward Robotropolis as the stealthbots reach the sky. Robotnik looks at the main monitor and sees a video feed of the stealthbots in formation.]

Robotnik: What is this?! Snively? Recall them!

Snively: Yes, sir.

[Snively presses a button the main console. One of the stealthbots explodes in a fireworks-style, followed by the remaining three. The video feed ends, replaced by a video of Sonic.]

Sonic: Yo, Robuttnik, that was for Cat. Ah ha ha ha!

Robotnik: EAARGH!