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MP3 Tool running in windows.

Sonic 2 MP3 Tool is a program, created by Qjimbo, which can be used in conjunction with Gens 2.11 or Gens Plus to give custom soundtracks to the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It stops certain music from playing and instead plays mp3's which are named accordingly. Qjimbo originally created it to be used in conjunction with the songs from Hedgehog Heaven, a remix project hosted by OcRemix, though of course it can be used with any mp3s.


The mp3 must be named after its soundtrack number which can be found in the games sound test. For example: Emerald Hill Zone's soundtrack number is 02 so the mp3 that will play in this stage should be named 02.mp3. The mp3's, emulator, and Sonic 2 mp3 Tool should all be in the same folder. The program should be started after the emulator has started.


These are the Sound test numbers for the stages and several in-game events.



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