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Riyu Konaka

Riyu Konaka (こなかりゆ) is a Japanese musician. She is best known for writing the lyrics for, and performing, the credits theme for the Sonic the Hedgehog OVA, Look-a-like. From ages 6 to 12, she lived in Chicago before moving to New York, and graduated from Osaka University after moving back to Japan when entering middle school. In April 1996 she debuted the album Hiccups, released through independent record label Good Humor, established by Bun Onoe. She has released several albums since then. She married Bun Onoe in 2007.


  • Hiccups (1996) (U.K.Project)
  • A Funny Egg (1997) (POLYSTAR)
  • oops! (1997) (POLYSTAR)
  • Hokey-Dokey (1998) (POLYSTAR)
  • Bullshit (1999) (POLYSTAR)
  • Riyu's Album (2000) (POLYSTAR)
  • Live Album "Mommy is President" (2010) (Jipangu)

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