Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

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Mushroom Kingdom Fusion
Latest release date: Oct 4, 2010
Engine: Super Mario Bros. Hello Engine III

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion (Formerly known as Super Mario MF, then Super Mario Fusion) is a fan game created by Fusion Team. The main engine of the game is based off of Mario, but with many other characters playable including Sonic and Tails. It is a crossover of many video games.


The storyline hasn't been revealed completely yet, but involves all main enemies from games teaming up to take over all worlds, under the direction of a mysterious entity only known as Legion.

Playable Characters

Most of the playable characters consist of major characters from different games, consisting currently of over twenty characters, including Sonic, Tails, Mario and Luigi. Amy and Rouge were slated to be playable, but as of 0.4 the team has buckled down and attempted to finish the game as much as possible, hence most "alternate" characters were axed.


The game is cut up into 10 different worlds, each based off of a different video game style. It consists of The Mushroom Kingdom, Alternate Earth, World of 20XX-210X, The Demon Realm, Gehenna, Adventurer's Domain, Mobius (referred to in game as Sonic's Universe), Nintendo Subspace, Edge of Beyond, Twisted Reality, and the Minus World.


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File: Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Demo.rar (29.42 MB) (info)
Current version: .2.5

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