Milpo Interview by LOst (July 23, 2001)

From Sonic Retro

This was an interview conducted by LOst in 2001 through e-mail while researching the Sega Sound Team. This confirms that Milpo did the music for the Special Stage for Sonic 3.

The Interview

Milpo: Hello. I'm not good at English. so,excuse me for that reply is delayed.

LOst: So what music did you do? (Music to a level?)

Milpo: I composed a music for "spacial stage". and I work for Sonic3,in the others,too. but sorry.I cannnot tell the detail. because,it's confidential information.

LOst: What is a "SEGA SOUND TEAM"? (what's your work in Sonic 3, what did you do? If you did compose music, why are you not in the "MUSIC COMPOSERS"-Sonic 3 credits section)

Milpo: It was Sound Creator's section of SEGA. Now,It's sound creating company "Wave Master".

LOst: Did you know you're in the Sonic 2 credits too, in the "SOUND ASSISTANTS" section. It must be you right?

Milpo: Yes.

LOst: Dou you still working for SEGA?

Milpo: No. I'm working now as freelance sound creator.

LOst: Do you have any contacts with SONIC TEAM or any other composers for Sonic 3?

Milpo: I don't contact too much.