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Chaotix0202 32X TT Claw.png
Prototype 0202
Chaotix 32X TT Claw.png
Final game

This is the first prototype to feature claws on the left hand side of levels 2-through-5. In this build they pick up your partner, move upwards for a few seconds and then let go before disappearing. In the final game, the claws follow a path, typically taking the player somewhere to the right.

While the force of the combi rings means the player is dragged along too in the final game, in this build it has no effect. The claw only works once in this prototype too, while in the final it can be used multiple times.

Level 5

Chaotix0202 32X TT 5DrillCrash.png
Prototype 0202
Chaotix 32X TT 5DrillCrash.png
Final game

The drill machine still can't destroy the last wall, but this time breaks down.


Chaotix (prototype 0202), prototype version of Chaotix
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