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Achievement table templates

So, three problems that need to be worked out in regards to the achievement table templates that were brought over from Sega Retro:

  1. Some of the games that have achievement pages such as Sonic 2 and Sonic 4 have point values that pertain to mobile platforms (such as iOS's Game Center points or Google Play's XP) instead of Gamerscore and Trophies, and there's Sonic Lost World, where only the Steam version has achievements. We may need to figure out how to turn on/off certain fields if these pages are to be updated.
  2. Some games, such as Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Forces as well as Phantasy Star Universe on Sega Retro, have additional tables for DLC achievements that kinda mess up the Gamerscore/Trophy totals. I have to wonder if there is a way to make AchievementEnd only tally the Gamerscore/Trophies for their respective tables they're assigned to.
  3. Some games, such as Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Mania, have achievements with vague official descriptions (and that's not even getting into Sonic 06's hilariously bad Engrish descriptions), and as such detailed requirements have been provided for them. This might make them difficult to convert to the new table formats.

How do we tackle all of these issues? --BSonirachi (talk) 14:56, 3 February 2020 (EST)