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<forumuser name="Sazpaimon" /> Sazpaimon (formerly known as Sonic Hackr 2000 from 2000-2004, and VideoGamr2 from 1997-2000) is the current owner of Sonic CulT. He possesses varying amounts of technical skill, and is a seasoned web developer, skilled in PHP. Because of this, he was once the chief Technical Administrator for Sonic Retro for a period of time.

He was one of the earliest members of the new SWS2B, joining in January of 2003 when it first opened (his account would later be purged in the first cleanout). He would later go on to write The Sonic Adventure DX Glitches Guide, based on RattleMan's guide for the original Sonic Adventure.

Whilst considered in part a "jack of all trades," Saz is also regarded as somewhat of a troll in the Sonic scene. This is largely due to his tendency to make silly, off-topic posts and intentionally stir up people for his own amusement. Despite this, Sazpaimon is an active, contributive member towards the scene, and has made various breakthroughs in ROM hacking during his earlier years. He continues to contribute towards the scene through his maintaining of X-CulT, his prototype documentation and research, and overall being Sazpaimon.

Contrary to popular belief, he is, indeed, Sazpaimon. [citation needed]


Sazpaimon's roots started on and other Sonic-related AOL groups until discovering the SSRG in 1998, where he began to get into the aspects of hacking. Many of his savestate hacks were published on the now defunct TLoB's Sonic Site until its demise in 2001. Following this, he lurked sites such as Emucult until Pelord eventually re-opened The Sonic 2 Beta Page, joining its ezBoard forum in June of 2001 [1]. He remained on this board until eventually moving to Area 51 up until its demise. Afterwards, he became a part of the Sonic Secrets Center until its demise, later joining Sonic CulT in December 2002. He remains there to this day.

In April of 2004 he was contacted by PACHUKA for Action Replay code information for Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Eventually, PACHUKA asked him if he would like to work for the CulT updating articles as PACHUKA simply did not have the time. Sazpaimon agreed, and he made his first article and newspost on 7 April, 2004. He would later go on to be the only person adding content to the site due to PACHUKA's interest in the site slowly disappearing. Later that year, when PACHUKA announced that Sonic CulT was for sale to the highest bidder, much of the site felt that Sazpaimon make a good new owner.

On 10 August, 2004, PACHUKA announced his resignation from Sonic CulT and that Sazpaimon would take his place as administrator, stating "Sazpaimon, also known as Sonichackr2000, has put in great effort to make sure the cult doesn't vanish. He'll do fine."

Today he continues to run CulT among other community and non-community websites, and run the hosting service CulTNET.