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<forumuser name="Cedar J" /> Cedar J was formerly a moderator at Sonic CulT and a member of the Shadowsoft Games staff. He has an active interest in the Sonic Hacking scene but as it's dwindled over the past few years due to things slowing down a bit.

Cedar J has been hanging around the community since June 2001 when he joined Area 51 and shortly after that he joined Sonic CulT, staying there after Area 51's apparent demise (although it was reconstructed much later). Was also a former oper/founder of the 'PhaseDisruptor' IRC Network which hosted #cult for a year or so.

He now lurks Sonic Retro from time to time keeping up with all the latest.. awaiting a beta version of Sonic 1 to turn up or any other beta radically different from the final so it'll reignite his interest once more.