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'''Not fixed''' in any version
'''Not fixed''' in any version
===Tails high score===
If [[Tails]] hits an enemy after Sonic has just died, he gets stuck and gains a large score (as well as several extra lives). []
This bug occurs in all known betas and prototypes; an easy way to reproduce it in the [[Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Simon Wai Prototype|Wai beta]] is to go to Hidden Palace Zone, immediately spindash to the right, and press jump as Sonic dies.
In the final, Tails starts flying when Sonic dies, making him unable to hit enemies.
'''Fixed in:''' Final version
===Life counter glitch===
===Life counter glitch===

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Player bugs

Super Sonic at the end of a level

Attempting to transform into Super Sonic after hitting a signpost or prison capsule results in Sonic "walking" in mid air, and becoming unresponsive to controls. If Sonic moves off the right side of the screen before this happens the score tally will appear and the game continues on to the the next level as normal. If he does not leave the screen he will get stuck with no way of ending the level. The player can't wait for a time over, because passing a signpost stops the timer. The only thing to do in this situation is to reset the game.

Note: Prison capsules make the score tally appear automatically, so the level will always end.

Fixed in: Final revision 02

Moving during Score Tally

If the player jumps while off the side of the screen before the character(s) start running after touching the end level panel the player will still be able to control him.

Not fixed in any version

Life counter glitch

If a player dies from time-over in a 2P Versus mode while on their last life, the Game Over routine will be interrupted and the results screen will be displayed. The player who died will appear to have 0 lives, but if they die again, the counter will roll back to "y5" (255), as the lives are stored as an unsigned byte, and the life counter was only meant to display up to 99 lives.

Not fixed in any version

Level bugs

Emerald Hill Zone scrolling

In Emerald Hill Zone, the bottom two rows of foreground pixels don't scroll at all, causing them to be permanently misaligned.

Not fixed in any version of plain Sonic 2, though fixed for Knuckles in Sonic 2.

Oil Ocean Zone physics

In Oil Ocean Zone act 2, find the area with four green platforms which launch into the air occasionally. Step on the last one and when being shot out of the the tube hold right and land on the spikes in a way that will knock you into the round object to the left. If done correctly the physics will be different and the character will jump higher. The bug eventually wears off when getting in another speed tube, jumping on a spring, or passing through a wall. Alternately you can use this Pro Action Replay code while on that level FFB82C:04. This code only works when reaching that area.

Not fixed in any version

Misc bugs

14 continues chime

When the 14 continues cheat is performed by playing sounds 01, 01, 02, and 04 on the options menu, an invalid sound attempts to play, resulting in non-stop Oil Ocean music for the remainder of the game. The fault is with the way the sound number is entered into the game's code. For every sound, the bit 7 must be enabled to properly reference it. The code instead is written without bit 7 being used.

Not fixed in any version