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File:Sonic Universe 1.png
The cover of the 1st issue of Sonic Universe.

Sonic Universe is an ongoing comic title published by Archie, designed to expand the horizon of the original comics' fictional universe. It replaced the Sonic X series. It began its run on February 25th, 2009, and is subsequently released monthly by Archie Comics along with its counterpart title Sonic the Hedgehog. The objective of the series is to expand upon the Archieverse continuity and focus on other characters besides Sonic the Hedgehog, including Shadow and Knuckles. The first year of its run broke the stories down into three 4-part story arcs: the first dealing with Shadow, the second Mobius: 30 Years Later, and the third dealing with Knuckles. The second year will deal with some of the Freedom Fighters battling the Bride of the Endless Reach.

Story Arcs The Shadow Saga (#1-4) Focuses on Shadow the Hedgehog and his missions with the Guardian Units of the Nation. Mobius: 30 Years Later (#5-8) Continues five years after the coup d'etat in the Mobius: X Years Later storyline. Knuckles: The Return (#9-12) Focuses on Knuckles and the Chaotix's adventure in combating Dr. Finitevus. Journey to the East (#13-16) Focuses on Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Monkey Khan, and Sally Acorn in their fight against the clans of the Iron Dominion.