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[[Sonic Retro]] aims to use screenshots of the best possible quality when depicting games and videos. For most video games this is typically done by running the game in an [[emulator]] and using the emulator's own screenshot feature. If the emulator has no such capability, you can manually capture the screen by pressing [[wikipedia:Print screen|Print Screen]] and pasting it into an image editing program. '''''THIS SHOULD ONLY BE DONE AS A LAST RESORT!''''' The screenshot should be saved as a PNG and optimized using [[pngpress]]. Remember to disable any filters when taking a screenshot (except for contrast/brightness improvement) and save the image at the correct [[resolution]].
#REDIRECT [[cdn:Retro CDN:Screenshots]]
==General Guidelines==
* Use PNG format when possible. (JPEG is only acceptable if that's the only format supported by the native uploader, e.g. [[Wii U]] and [[Nintendo 3DS]].)
* Do NOT convert JPEG images to PNG format. This results in a bigger file and does not eliminate the JPEG artifacting.
* Use image optimization tools such as [[pngpress]] to reduce the size of the PNG image without reducing image quality.
* If using an emulator, disable filters when taking the screenshot. (If the emulator has an unfiltered screenshot option, you can use that while keeping filters enabled.)
==Sega Mega Drive==
Resolution should be 320x224, or less commonly 256x224.
* [[sega:Kega Fusion|Kega Fusion]]: Set "Options > Set Config > Extras > Output Stage" to '''Raw'''. Go to '''Video''' and disable all filters except Brighten. Borders need to be cropped manually in an image editor for the correct resolution.
* [[sega:Gens/GS|Gens/GS]]:
** Disable Fast Blur (hotkey F9).
** Set Color Scaling to "Full". (Graphics > Color Adjust > Scale Colors) [requires r7_pre5 or later]
** Other than the above options, screenshots are taken in their original resolution without filtering.
* [[sega:Gens/GS II|Gens/GS II]]: Screenshots are always taken unfiltered.
==Sega Master System and Game Gear==
Game Gear screenshots should be 160x144.<br>
For Master System, screenshots should be 256x192. Note that most games that use horizontal scrolling also blank the leftmost 8 columns, so the image can be cropped to 248x192. (Some PAL games may use 256x224 or 256x240.)
* [[Emukon]]
==Sega Saturn==
* [[SSF]]: Turn off Enforce Aspect Ratio (Option > Screen).
==Sega Dreamcast==
Resolution should be 640x480.
* [[NullDC]]: In Options>PowerVR turn Palleted textures to act Versioned to result in best quality possible.
==Nintendo Game Boy Advance==
Resolution should be 240x160.
* [[VisualBoyAdvance]]: Go to "Options > Emulator" and select PNG format at the bottom of the list. Screenshots can then be taken by clicking "File > Screen capture..." and simply giving the resultant PNG image a name and a directory for it to be saved to. The resultant image size should be 240x160 and the only processing needed a run though pngpress.
==Nintendo DS==
Resolution should be 256x192 per screen (256x384 total).
* DeSmuME
* No$GBA: Go to "Options > Emulation Setup" and set "NDS Mode/Colors" to DS-Lite or DSi.
==Neo Geo Pocket Color==
Resolution should be 160x152.
* [[NeoPop]]: Lacks a built-in screenshot ability, so Print Screen is needed.
==Nintendo 3DS, Wii U==
* Use the uploader built into the Internet Browser. During a game, press the Home button and start the Internet Browser. Browse to [[Special:Upload]], click the Browse button, and select an image to upload. You can select either the top or bottom screen.
* Note that the built-in uploader uses JPEG format, though it appears to be good enough quality for most purposes.
* Some 3DS games, including [[Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS]], do not support using the Internet Browser simultaneously unless you're using a New 3DS. This is due to a memory limitation.
** 3DS resolution: Top = 400x240, Bottom = 320x240
** Wii U resolution: TV = 1280x720, GamePad = 854x480
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