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Sonic Fan Remix
Engine: Egg Engine (previously Unity 3D)
Credits: pelikan13, Damizean, Mercury
Development status: Active

Sonic Fan Remix is a fan game currently being developed by pelikan13 and Damizean. It is a re-imagining of classic Sonic levels from Sonic 1, 2, and 3 in 2.5D detailed graphics. Initially, the game was developed on the Unity 3D engine, and later included Mercury as its programmer. After Mercury departed, in part due to frustration with the Unity platform, the game was moved to the Egg Engine by its new programmer Damizean.

A one zone demo was released, however has been removed due to Mediafire's terms of use. The demo consists of 3 Acts of Emerald Hill Zone. Acts 1 and 3 of this zone are recreated level layouts with slight design tweaks. Act 2 is an original layout with the same theme. This fangame is also introducing different background styles to the levels, with Act 2 being in the rain, and Act 3 being at night with the moonlight shining on the level. Even the Badniks get headlights to see Sonic in the dark!


The original video of Act 1 is still on YouTube as well as a new one showing off the HUD and a full run of the demo.


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