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Ravenfreak is a Tech Member on Sonic Retro who has vast knowledge when it comes to hacking the 8-bit Sonic games. While he has worked on various projects throughout his time in the Sonic Community, he has a issue with completing projects and thus many have yet to see public releases. He loves cats as well as a number of other gaming franchises, Mega Man and Pokemon being two of them. He also enjoys forums and to an extent, wikis as well.

Joining The Sonic Community

Back in November of 2008 Ravenfreak discovered Sonic Retro, a site dedicated to his favorite gaming franchise. It was then that he also discovered ROM hacking, and would later become one of his favorite hobbies. The very first hack he played was the infamous Sonic Megamix 4.0, a very heavily modified Sonic The Hedgehog hack. Since he had a Sega CD, he quickly figured out that he could burn the game to a disc and play it on actual hardware. He didn't start making his first hack until early 2009. His first ever project, which unsurprisingly didn't see a public release, was a bad palette hack of Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive.

In 2011 he quickly got interested in hacking the 8-bit Sonic titles, and also released a very early revision of his Sonic 1 Sega Master System disassembly. It miraculously made the front page of Sonic Retro, even though it was far from being finished nor optimized. Shortly after, he started working on a split disassembly of Sonic Chaos, his personal favorite 8-bit title. A few years later, he released the disassembly to the public. It wasn't finished, but it was more complete than his previous disassembly. In April of 2012, he was promoted to Tech Member.