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<forumuser name="MarkeyJester" /> MarkeyJester is a UK-based member of the Sonic scene and a Tech Member on Sonic Retro. He is an extremely skilled ROM hacker, specializing in the fields of music, programming, and artistic creation. He is the sole developer of two different ''Sonic'' hacks, Sonic Regen and Sonic 1 Brother Trouble, and of various smaller but generally very well-received projects (see below); and he has assisted with other prestigious hacks such as The S Factor: Sonia and Silver, Sonic the Hedgehog: Redemption, and recently Sonic Megamix as a member of Team Megamix specialising in artwork.


MarkeyJester made his first appearance to the Sonic scene via a video he uploaded on YouTube of his first public ROM hacking project, Sonic Regen. The hack impressed many people who watched the video, primarily those in the Sonic Retro IRC channel: it supported features such as the Super Peel-Out; the Tornado Attack; and brand new art, music, and levels. After a group discussion in the IRC channel, Tweaker urged Jayextee to invite Markey to join Sonic Retro, though Markey did not comply at the time until weeks later when Malevolence reinvited him once again. Following this, Markey began visiting the IRC channel, becoming a constant – and, to many, welcome – presence within the channel, contributing positively towards its general atmosphere.

After a few months of participating in the channel, Markey decided to join the Sonic Retro forums. He promptly made a topic for Sonic Regen, sparking several pages of praise and encouragement for the hack to continue. Markey's impressive skill also led to his being easily convinced, however: sceners such as Aquaslash, Malevolence, and several others would ask him to join their hacking teams and help them with art, music, and programming for their own hacks. Being friendly and outgoing, he gladly accepted the offers; however, he eventually found himself swamped with too much work, and he decided to quietly leave the scene, fading into obscurity.

Around March of 2009, Markey secretly returned to the scene under the alias DrXInsanity, under which he posted the first footage and subsequent release of his newest project, Sonic 1 Brother Trouble. As with Sonic Regen, the release of this hack spurred on a massive wave of praise and encouragement to join the Sonic Retro forums. Markey complied, and he found himself instantly promoted to a Tech Member upon registration. It was not revealed who DrXInsanity's true identity was until a private conversation between Tweaker and Markey, where the former expressed suspicion that MarkeyJester and DrXInsanity were the same person. Markey privately confirmed this at the time, and he later made a topic publicly admitting his true identity.

Nowadays, Markey acts as a regular presence on the Retro forums, commenting on other hacks and being a helpful and encouraging presence towards beginning hackers. Although he has finished working on Sonic 1 Brother Trouble, he has worked on many other projects such as the researching and disassembling of Sonic Crackers. Although he no longer attends the Retro IRC channel, he has been known to visit a few other private channels to have a chat every now and then. Since 2011 or thereabouts, he has been a member of Team Megamix, contributing to its main project, Sonic Megamix, with original artwork for levels and objects.


Level design record/list

Because MarkeyJester has created more than 20 level designs for various projects (including his own), a record of these designs would be useful. Here is a long list, featuring images; whereas a smaller list is provided below.

(In order of latest appearance:)

  • Lakeside Paradise Zone – Sonic Regen Beta – Late 2007
  • Pinball City Zone – Sonic Regen Beta – Early 2008
  • Lakeside Garden Zone – Sonic Regen Final – Mid 2008
  • Sky Highway Zone – S-Factor – Mid 2008
  • Green Hill Zone (An Edit) – Sonic XI – Late 2008
  • Atlantic Cellar Zone – Sonic XI (Sonic 1 Lunacy) – Late 2008
  • Haunted Circus Zone – Sonic XI – Late 2008
  • Speedust Factory Zone – Sonic XI – Late 2008
  • ? (A Jungle Theme'd Level) – ? – Early 2009 (Created with MKAmeX)
  • Emerald Island Zone – Sonic 1 Brother Trouble – Early 2009
  • Cathedral Palace Zone – Sonic 1 Brother Trouble – Late 2008
  • Secret Ocean Zone – Sonic Regen Beta (Sonic 1 Brother Trouble) – Late 2007
  • Neon Tokyo Zone – Sonic 1 Brother Trouble – Early 2010 (Original Design By Mercury)
  • ? – ? – Early 2010
  • ? – ? – Mid 2010
  • ? – ? – Mid 2010
  • Starry Night Zone – Sonic Megamix – Mid 2010
  • ? – ? – Late 2010
  • Param Zone – Jester's Challenge – Late 2010
  • Placid Sapphire Zone – S-Factor – Early 2011 (Created with Aquaslash)
  • ? – ? – Early 2011

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