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Welcome to Sonic Retro, the Sonic scene's GFDL input and output wiki resource for collecting data about Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega Hardware and general video game history and information that is open to the entire community. We currently are working on 4,648 articles and have many more that are requested to be worked on.

While this guide is designed to help the community by providing information, it is also dependent on the community to be updated. Anyone with an account may edit the wiki. As you feel more comfortable with the site, please feel free to make any changes or additions that you feel necessary.

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<iimg>Category:Sonic Scene!File:Portal scene.png</iimg> Sonic Scene
The history and current excursions of the Sonic Research scene.
Sceners, Sites, History, More...
<iimg>Category:Hacking Information!File:Portal hacks.png</iimg> Hacking Information
The largest compilation of knowledge on the technical aspects of the Sonic series and the results thereof.
Guides, Hacks, Programs, Television Info, More...
<iimg>Category:Game Information!File:Portal gameinfo.png</iimg> Game Information
A definitive repository of Sonic game knowledge.
Badniks, Bosses, Characters, Items, Levels, Locations, Moves, More...
<iimg>Category:Games!File:Portal games.png</iimg> Games
Every one of the fifty-plus Sonic games published are covered here, along with major fan creations.
Prereleases, Pirates, Manuals, Fan Games, More...
<iimg>Category:Television!File:Portal tv.png</iimg> Television
Coverage on the arious series Sonic and co. have starred in over the years.
Sonic X, SatAM, SoUnd, AoStH, More...
<iimg>Category:Hardware!File:Portal hardware.png</iimg> Hardware
Information on the arcade, portable and home hardware systems that run Sonic games.
Genesis, SMS/Game Gear, Saturn, More...
<iimg>Category:Music!File:Portal music.png</iimg> Music
Info and downloads of the sounds of the Sonic series, along with musician coverage.
OSVs, Musicians, Albums, Tracks, More...
<iimg>Category:Companies!File:Portal companies.png</iimg> Companies
The people behind the scenes that make each Sonic game possible from start to finish.
Developers, Voice Actors, Sega, Nintendo, More...

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