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Hunter Bridges (Born 1989), also known as Hunty, is a member of the Sonic Mania development team. He previously worked with The Taxman and Slingerland on Retro Sonic Nexus.

Music Career

Hunter is renowned across the lands for his musical skills. In fact, you can even check him out on SoundCloud[1].

Starting as an obscure local act in 1978, Hunter mostly worked odd jobs until he was discovered by an Aerial Reconnaissance Team commissioned by the Japan Self Defense Force. After his self-titled debut album in 1982, Hunter's career enjoyed its own hearty course. In 1991, during the development of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, he was recruited by Masato Nakamura of Dreams Come True to be the band's Best Boy.


Hunter is a cool guy. Most of his jokes are good, but there is the occasional dud. He even talks in funny voices!

Hunter would like to wear sunglasses more often, but he wears regular glasses, and doesn't like wearing contacts very often. If he were to wear sunglasses all the time, he would wear cheap Aviators from the gas station or Walgreens... He just doesn't think it's worth it to put money into such a cheap pair of sunglasses just to get them rigged up with prescription lenses.

Sonic Mania

Hunter played many roles in the development of Sonic Mania. He was the project manager, as well as the only other programmer besides Stealth and The Taxman. He also served as one of the game's Sound Designers.