When Tails Gets Bored

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When Tails Gets Bored
Engine: The Games Factory
Credits: Estel

When Tails gets Bored is a fangame that was created by Sonic Vegemite. Unlike most Sonic Fangames, this one is based on a series of hoaxes made by Estel, rather than on gameplay or plot details. As such, the engine is no better than most TGF games in its time. All of the graphics are ripped straight from Sonic games.


In When Tails gets Bored, the player controls just as Sonic plays in the Mega Drive titles. Sonic must find the Special Stages to gain knowledge about why tails is bored. Beat 4 special stages to get the true ending. Besides that, the player must traverse through 9 zones (2 secret) and complete whatever hoax Estel has in store for him.


Sonic the Hedgehog is walking around in Icecap Zone (or something like it) when he finds Tails, who states that he is bored, showing so by turning off the lights. Sonic is forced to go through the rest of the act in the dark. When arriving at a variation of Hidden Palace Zone, he finds that Tails has stolen one of Knuckles shoes. Will Sonic be able to stop Tails' destructive rampage?

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