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<forumuser name="Super Egg" /> Super Egg is a newb to Sonic Retro who joined in July of 2010. Before then he was a lurker who didn't have the balls to join in fear of his mother would yell at him.(Even though she doesn't even know of his current forum account)

Super Egg's Genesis

When Super Egg was 10, he played Sonic 2 for the first time on a Sega Genesis. He was so enthralled with the game he decided to look up cheat codes. While on, he first discovered the existence of Sonic 2 Beta. Later, he decided to go to Simon Wai's Sonic 2 beta page. There he learned more of this megabeast. By 2007, he downloaded Game Maker and started making fan games. Unfortunately, due to his unwillingness to learn how to code the games, he did the only thing he could do, download engines and edit the hell out of it. Luckily, he got bored with that and learned of the art of hacking.

Hacking Introductions

Due to his poor memory, laziness, or both he has forgotten when he started hacking or what made him, but he knows it changed his life forever. First he downloaded a fresh Sonic 2 rom. Then he downloaded ESEII. Within a day, he hacked the crap out of it. Eventually he went to a new middle school, with laptops students could take home. With that he started downloading everything to hack with and it's all history from there.

Super Egg Now

Since he is now a member, he is doing a lot more shit than ever before. He is know working on a new hack involving Sonic 2 Beta 4, Sonic 1, and bunches of other shit. On top of that, he has decided to take it upon himself to edit articles pertaining to S2B and make sure they are very much correct. Also, at about 8 pm every night he is on the IRC. Contrary to popular belief he is a decent guy, but can be a total asshole. Don't piss him off though, or he will make mention of your use of a tube-sock and astroglide use. To put it in perspective, he is ,in his own words, "A Filipino-American Redneck who lives in Texas, kicks ass with class, uber-conservative, sonic fan who will kick your ass if you have a problem with it." He is currently making a split disassembly of Sonic 2 Nick arcade prototype. If you didn't know, he also goes under the alias FilipinoWaylon26 at SSRG.