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Hey, I'm SoNick! Back in the day I'd say I'm some nobody from the middle of nowhere, but I suppose I have enough experience by now to say a bit more!

I studied Computer Science at University before dropping out a lifetime ago and landing a Computer Networking job in the early 2010s. I'm studying the theory to get additional certifications, but I have enough practical experience at this point to tell you some basics for Cisco, Nokia, ADVA, Ciena, MRV, and several other networking devices.

I dabbled in Linux back in the days of Ubuntu 6.10 or so and hated it. Later tried custom distros Mythdora and Mythbuntu and cut my teeth on Linux for real. The local cable providers eventually moved from analog feeds (picked up by any TV/capture card) to digital (requires a set top box for each TV/input), this rendered my TV tuner cards worthless so I moved back to Windows XP/7 for my setups. I tolerated Windows 10 but don't really see what it brings over Windows 7, and now that Windows 11 is a thing I'll likely eventually move to it as well.

Finally, you may know me from some gaming stuff. I've been in the Sonic the Hedgehog hacking community since '99, finding unused content in the Wai prototype (then "Sonic 2 Beta") sparked my interest in game design and computer programming that lasted until a bad instructor at University verbally beat that out of me over the course of several years.

Years later in the mid-2010s the PCs running that "Twitch Plays Pokémon" thing ended up in my basement, it was a nice gig but the rest of the staff didn't understand that I only agreed to provide power and internet; if the stream crashed they'd ping me while I was at work and I hated it. I was active in the chat and I found that I was made a mod, but then I had to play serious instead of screwing around like I had for the past year or two and it wasn't fun. I eventually sent the PCs on to the next person and to my understanding he's still the guy keeping it all running to this day.

And finally, I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2020. After reviewing the symptoms the signs were there my whole life. I had just written them off as "oh that's just a personality quirk." I've already gone through the "wait how much of this is me and how much of it is the disease" drama, now I'm just living my life one day at a time and doing whatever feels right.

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