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<forumuser name="Hayate" /> Hayate (also known as Keiji, iNVERTED and bobxp) is a "jack of most trades". He is an experienced ASM programmer, level artist and level designer, but much to his own dismay completely fails with music.


  • Sonic 3 Customizable is a hack based on Sonic 3 & Knuckles, whose features can (mostly) be turned on and off outside before playing.
  • Sonic and the Secret Extended Edition is a hack based on Sonic 1.
  • Rockman Chaos is a hack based on Sonic 2, starring Rockman. This hack was left on hiatus shortly after being started though. It incorporates levels taken from his old hack Sonic 2 Omega Plus! which was created back in 2004.
  • The S Factor is a team project which Hayate contributed to by making the special stage, character select and combined title card and end level results screen object.
  • He has also made a small program to convert Genesis art between palettes.

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  • Team Ikaria, albeit completely unrelated to Sonic hacking.