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<forumuser name="Destructiox" /> Destructiox is a Hacker and and member of the Sonic Scene who lives in the UK. He came across the Hacking Scene when his brother started linking him to YouTube videos of the cut levels from Sonic 2, and he began digging deeper until he dug through into Sonic retro. When he first entered the scene he quickly met with Soselocke, and together they planned Sonic 1 Handicapped, a hack which intended to parody the general Sonic formula, by replacing all text in the game with braille and placing sonic in a wheelchair. It was eventually discontinued.

Shortly after this, Destructiox started a small hack project wherein to learn the basics of split assembly hacking, which he kept improving as opposed to using as a sandbox, and this eventually snowballed into Sonic 1 Lunacy. Progressing up a slow learning curve, his pondering questions are patiently answered by SÆGA, a group of hackers he considers good friends, (and proud to be a lowly onlooker amongst them,) and also by his (arguable) mentors, Malevolence and MarkeyJester.

Other hacking interests include Shining Force II, having beta tested 'The Caravan', a Shining Force II ROM editing program created by BigNailCow in the past. While Beta Testing, he created minor hack projects such as Shining force 1.5, wherein he ported Shining Force Bosses (with the assistance of Lord_Oddeye) and menu art from the original to the sequel.

Outside of Hacking, other hobbies include Touhou and Computer gaming, most notably DotA 2. Sonic 1 Lunacy's inspiration mostly stems from Touhou (Many menu and difficulty names, and a few zones are named from Touhou) as well as being the sole inspiration towards his Danmaku Boss.

He's also amazed he's been in the Sonic scene over three years already. He's got an IRC Channel, but it's mostly for the development of Sonic 1 Lunacy, and thus is somewhat private. If you find it, don't expect to stay long unless he wants you there. Don't expect him to hand out any betas. Asking gets a ban. You ain't coming back.

Samples of ASM Knowledge

Publicly available hacks

  • Three boss edits, affectionately known as Untitled 1, 2 & 3 Forum Post

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