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DeltaWooloo (originally MGHACKS) is a British ROM hacker of the Sonic scene who joined the community in the summer of 2019. He's well known for being a friendly chap (that tends to mess up from time to time) that likes to do well in his projects and help many others. He has made several notable contributions, such as Sonic 2: Pink Edition, VTuber in Sonic 1 and Sonic: Isle of Magnetic Artifacts.

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How he started

In August 2019, DeltaWooloo was lurking around on his PC, trying to find something productive to do. He stumbled across Sonic ROM hacking and enjoyed the programming structure of the Motorola 68k. Over a month, he understood how the language worked alongside porting music and elements from the Mega Drive Sonic games to Sonic 1. On September 1st 2019, he released his hack to SSRG under Sonic 1 More Edition. However, that hack was critically panned for being too expo material and not showing much. Nevertheless, he was proud that he made a base and got to work on trying to improve it. However, he gave up in October 2019 and took a long hiatus.

January 2020 is when he returned, and he has learned much since then. First, he got a fully working Super Sonic port, using the invincibility stars and Sonic 3 sprites and ported many Sonic 2 objects such as the options screen, title screen menu, etc. DeltaWooloo also joined Discord servers and befriended many people. Still, he took the hack seriously by rushing people without realising, which ended with a few feuds (which, thankfully, all was forgiven.). Then, in September 2020, he released Sonic ReOne to the public, and people liked it. A few people criticised the level design, Sonic 3 sprites and boring special stage design, but many people enjoyed a lot of things with it. Finally, he rebooted the hack with Emerald Hill Zone and the elemental shields ported to Sonic 1, but he gave up and focused on his level designing skills. This led to Another South Island Adventure, which had a lot of positive reviews due to the levels looking sweet and Delta giving the elemental shields their correct usage.

Where he ends up today

He lurks around in a few Discord servers, helping people occasionally and messaging close friends in the community for assistance for his upcoming hack.