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<forumuser name="Delta" /> Delta is a long-time community member and programmer, around since roughly 1998. Historically he has always hidden himself in the shadows, using his ninja skills and knowledge to jump out of nowhere with useful posts (most of the time, anyway). In recent times he has considered giving up his ninja ways so that he can slowly open up to people. This has proved difficult, and is still ongoing.


In the humble beginnings of Sonic prototype research and half-assed theories, Delta (then known as Metal_Sonic, HyperKnux 2000, and finally PClemTeen) was there either lurking or generally being a good citizen and making useful posts. Of course, it was not without the rocky start of making embarrassing posts explaining how he would make an overly-ambitious fangame that recreates one or more of the original Genesis games. But hey, everyone had to start somewhere.

Even though he was not involved in any major community happenings, he was there observing during the S2B Anyboard era, the Area 51 shenanigans, then CulT, and now Retro.


Today, much of his time is spent researching things that interest him, writing code, and popping into Skype chats filled with deranged homosexual furries. Currently he also wonders what the next big chapter in his life will be, however far it may be. In the meantime, he keeps himself sane mostly by thinking about programming, as that seems to be his main interest.


  • SonicState savestate editor (in the community SVN; quite old by now)
  • Bresnen Brawl (journalistic combat simulator)
  •  ??? (more to come)