Conan Kudo

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<forumuser name="Conan Kudo" /> Conan Kudo (formerly known as King InuYasha) is a relatively new member of the Sonic scene who joined Sonic Retro in January of 2009. He specializes in various types of programming; among his skills include installer package development for Linux (RPM, InstallBuilder, InstallJammer), Windows (InstallBuilder, InstallJammer, or NSIS), and a bit for Mac OS X. In addition, he is learning to write code, in hopes of contributing towards one of the many community projects in the future.

Among his interests include Sonic games, Linux, and anime. In addition, he also enjoys writing installers for various applications; he has contributed an RPM for oggconvert to the Fedora Project. He will occasionally attempt to build Windows source code to build under Linux, either as a cross build, as a native build, or as a winelib build; this proves particularly satisfying, as when he does so he uses older, abandoned pieces of source code, as they're simple to work with compared to some of the monsters of sources you can get in present day.

While he hasn't made any particularly noteworthy contributions so far, he has taken an interest in the Mobius Engine project and is working with Gen on designing the engine.

In March 2009, he completed the development of a web stack installer for the Enano CMS Project & the BitNami project for Enano CMS.

Aside from doing a lot of work for the Enano CMS Project, he helped saxman port his ProSonic engine to Linux. In August 2010, he set up the ProSonic project site on Google Code after the public release of the full source code.