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<forumuser name="BiafraRepublic" /> Biafra Republic is a SEGASonic Radio DJ, host of the A/V Hijack, a TSS Legend thanks to his initial work with the Fan Art Club, former Server Admin of the 'Zone Radio Network, and all-in-all a nice/lazy guy.


  • Biafra started posting on 8 March 2000 at The Sonic Foundation (tSf) Message Board with the post "End of SEGA as we know it (...and I feel fine): Where will Sonic Team go from here". That bit of serious posting mixed with levity helps lead credence to the claim that he was one of a scant few who was never newbie roasted.
  • Biafra, contrary to popular belief, did not choose his user name as a tribute to the lead singer of Dead Kennedys. He picked it during lunch when signing up at the tSf Message Board while reading through his 10th grade World History textbook. This still doesn't stop new users from offering him Jell-O on IRC.
  • Biafra started his own site, what would eventually become the (now defunct) TPR Interactive, in 2001 with as a repository of 70 pics of Tails, a smattering of JavaScript, and 5MB (no, you read that right) of webspace.
  • Biafra eventually linked up with The Sonic Stadium in December 2002 to run their Fan Art Club, running it until he was released in 2006.
  • Biafra became Server Admin of 'ZRN later in 2007, largely by default. Among his first acts was to curb the tide of spam washing over their Message Board. He would remain Server Admin, working with GreenYoshi and NO_CARRIER until it's closure in 2009. During this time, Mike Taylor suggested he created his own show.
  • Biafra returned to TSS as an SSR DJ with the A/V Hijack. Originally an American clone of Roarz's The Raccoon Zone, it has eventually eveolved into the lazily effective news-gathering machine it is today.
  • Biafra originally hails from the same town as Tweaker