The Beta Testers

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The Beta Testers
Latest version: Beta 2
Latest release date: June 2009
Engine: RPG Maker VX
Credits: MikeTH

The Beta Testers is a fan game in production by MikeTH, known by a few for its humor and use of characters from various different franchises, including: Garnet, Scourge, Mudkip, as well as many others. It uses RPG Maker VX, with a reasonable number of scripts.

Unfortunately due to MikeTH's haphazard production and sharing methods, though the current public release is Beta 2, one would be hard set finding the most recent and previous releases due to the files only being hosted on one service.


The Beta Tester's is an RPG aimed at tying together many franchises while keeping a reasonable and humorous storyline. The humor is often from memes and joke supplied from the script, and choice of cast. Many different features are a part of The Beta Testers, while none are truly unique to video games some are uncommon among fan games or the VX engine.

Playable Characters

As of the latest build of The Beta Testers the playable characters are,

  • Link - Uses swords, heavy armor, and some White Magic.
  • Garnet - Uses White Magic, Robes, Bows, Clubs and Staves.
  • Mighty - Uses claws, light armor, and combat skills like Double Punch and Knockout. Can dual wield claws.
  • Sonic - Uses swords, heavy armor, and combat skills like Warcry and Stomp. Sonic's Protect is more efficient then guard.
  • Scourge - Uses Knives, light armor, and combat skill like Throw Weapon and Backstab. Has a greater chance of getting a critical hit on attacks.
  • Gogo - Uses Black Magic, Robes, Bows, Clubs, and Staves.
  • Bowser - Uses Heavy Armor, Claws, and elemental breathing like Fire Breath and Poison Breath
  • Nitoran/Nitorino/Nitoking - Uses guards, and monster/specialty skills. (Work In Progress Character)

Story (Spoilers)

While not fully completed yet, the story can be summarized so far as...

Link being woken up by Garnet on a strange island during a snowstorm to find shelter, goes into the nearby forest with her. After a short walk they arrive at a small house in the forest and introduce themselves. When they enter the building they soon discover that it's a base controlled by Eggman when they encounter Mighty in Eggman's study. They are soon ambushed by him and defeat Eggman. Obtaining the Chaos Emerald locked in the study they move on. Soon enough they arrive in the Simulation Room to find Sonic and Scourge fighting. They soon decide to help Sonic/Scourge and is force to fight (Sonic/Scourge). After a battle the party decides to recruit/defeat Sonic/Scourge. For little reason they travel to New Toadstool. They soon travel to the local Inn to learn of a visitor in the local temple from Julia. They go to the temple and find Gogo and a small table there. As instructed by the writing on the table they place the first Chaos Emerald on table. Instantly a portal appears, and the party enters it. Soon after Mudkips arrive, attacking Gogo. Gogo escapes into the portal followed by the Mudkips, and joins Link and company. They manage to overcome the Mudkips, and go back to Julia, who takes them to the castle. Using Chaos Control, Julia, and the party enter the castle. They part ways and explore the castle. Julia again meets up with the group when they find bowser at the top of one of the Towers. After telling some news to Bowser she asks Bowser and the party to deliver a message to her friend who lives in the forest.


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