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Template for offering translations of blocks of text. Supports up to three languages (use two-character language codes). If an English translation is not found as the second or third language, a Template:Translate message will be displayed.


| lang1=
| lang2=
| lang3=
| text1=
| text2=
| text3=


| lang1=cn
| lang2=en
| text1=This is Chinese
| text2=This is English
  • 中文
  • English
This is Chinese
This is English
| lang1=jp
| lang2=rou
| lang3=en
| text1=This is Japanese
| text2=This is roumanji
| text3=This is English
  • 日本語
  • Roumanji
  • English
This is Japanese
This is roumanji
This is English