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| image=Sonicretro-round.svg
| text=This is a stub.
| mini=yes
| style=min-width:400px;
| textstyle=font-family:times new roman;
Sonicretro-round.svg This is a stub.
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| text='''This page is protected from editing to prevent vandalism.'''
Lock.svg This page is protected from editing to prevent vandalism.
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| text=Template with no image.
Template with no image.

Sonicretro-round.svg This article needs cleanup.
This article needs to be edited to conform to a higher standard of article quality. Specifically, issues with this article are:

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  • fgsdfg
  • ( dfasf
  • gfafdfsadf

After the article has been cleaned up, you may remove this message. See How to Edit a Page for help.