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This is an interview conducted by, with Takashi Yuda. Of note is the fact that Knuckles was originally green. Note that the interview is machine translated to English and the original interview was in Japanese.

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The Interview Games played for the first time What?

Takashi Yuda: And I think it's about time of Judah elementary school, but the game that I played for the first time was a simple game of just only hit back the ball. The screen is black and white of course.

If there is a blank for a while and then, when I went to the game center for the first time in a long time Hey I was surprised screen is has become a color (laughs). And it was a game called "Scramble", but the game characteristics that continue to scroll horizontally as well as has to be new and colorful, I have hooked. Please tell me the opportunity to joining Sega.

Takashi Yuda: You've been living unrelated to game crazy about football when it is about to Yuda high school student, to select the art school, college came to the bytes of the design of the character in a certain game company.

That it was a game of NES, but I was supposed to be there is the introduction of fellow University Circle, to bytes as a designer at Sega. It is the time of the launch of the Mega Drive just.

Department of sixth R & D department for the home is possible with Sega, it became the first work to be drew the background of "The Super Shinobi" under the Oba-san. It is the opportunity, I had to work for Sega directly after graduating from university. After entering, and did you dealt with what title?

Takashi Yuda: Doing "your Shiro-dai adventure strange I Love Mickey Mouse" as the main designer at the same time as Yuda joining, it has worked a series of series of Disney then.

This series was thoroughly stuck to the movement. For example, I game characters of the time, those to become a standing pose "the moment" and stop for keys to walking while you have a key input I were many. I kept thinking that So that, or stop in nature how when you left the key input.

It was unsatisfactory just are making the movement of the character and following the game so far, and I guess there was also material that Disney. And I began to reflect on the character of the game, what you learned from the portion of the non-gaming and animation.

If I press the key in the traveling direction during the jump, it will run smoothly after landing. Or you did not press the key during the jump, you can either stop in nature how. ...... And went to add the something action when somewhere or to be moving, and is threatened Okkochi the "oops-a-daisy" on the edge of a cliff even when greed comes out more and more commitment to such a movement, it is stopped.

Of course when you have key input, I had strong feelings when you do not have a key input. Reputation at best, this area was also reflected in the "Sonic the Hedgehog".

Because it was doing an interesting attempt for action of the character in this way, and I was supposed to participate in the development of "Sonic the Hedgehog 3" it has caught the eye of the medium's. At the time, I'm had developed in the United States "Sonic 3".

Takashi Yuda: Yes Yuda. We designed the "Knuckles" to go to the United States.

I was supposed to be a new character called "Tails" in the "Sonic 2" because of an appearance, and that Let's make a new buddy characters even "3".

It got a few settings from the side of planning and "grew up in a civilization that has been cut off from around" and or "have the power of almost the same as Sonic", and began to draw.

Head or was the dread, the color of the body or was green, I have designed a lot of Knuckles. With the research on children, we decided to Knuckles from the current cut in the 10 or more in the end.

I think you can mark such black bear (black bear) like under per neck Knuckles? But this was insufficient to achieve compromise is not tired, but it I was thinking to collaborate with certain shoe manufacturer. That mark'm a relic that. After returning home, do you have been involved in what title?

After I returned home from Yuda the United States, is responsible for planning and motion of Saturn, such as "Victory Goal '96".

So I started the idea works for a few moments then and have them recognized by the general user the Dreamcast there was a image of a core users. The work is now in the "Space Channel 5".

I think soft sell about 1 million units in such a way had been strewn in the old days, but entertainment other than the game because there are many now, but it is hard to's get interested in the general user. So, I thought that narrow world of the game 's only Naa bad.

...... I was so music lovers originally planning of "Space Channel 5" I started to think it would be able to game music and how much involved.

It is me that is participating in the development as a director with this work, but also responsible for something the voice of "fuse" of the characters in the course (laughs).

By the way, the sequel in the "Space Channel 5 Part 2" is the participation of only voice (laughs). Work the next "Supechan" becomes "Puyo Puyo Fever" as director.

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