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Sonic the Hedgehog Area 51, founded by Mr. Jan Abaza, was set up way back many, many years ago on a small Slovenian research group called ARNES.


In 1999, it moved in with SSRG, and became the best place for general Sonic information, hacking and such. Above all, it was a fun place to be.

It had an amazing amount of discoveries in its time, and had plenty of colourful characters. Area 51 was essentially responsible for starting the hacking and research scene.

Area 51 went through quite a few iterations - most of which where either hacked, or taken down. The first iteration had to be discarded, because of impersonations - so it was then moved to ezBoard which required proper logging in. It went through a couple of ezBoard iterations, until it was eventually shut down by Jan who wished for people to leave it dead.

However, in 2003, there was an attempt to ressurrect it, which was not hugely successful. Jan, LOst, Digital Xeron, and LocalH, among others, were framed as being "SShadowSuper" who also attacked the board itself.

The board had over 9 months downtime and was thought finally dead - Jan disappeared, and his account on SClassic was hacked when he came back.


However, a mutual effort by Wetflame (Rosie) and Sonic McTails saw the board return. Jan was talked into coming back after a series of emails. Despite the nay-saying of many culters and some oldbies who wished it to stay dead, was a decent stable board. While in many ways it only felt like half of what it was, it was still a decent place to be.

Other Details

Area 51 is the longest running major Sonic scene board; and also has the greatest record for resurrections and "downtime."

The board is currently defunct, with no active board existing at this time (and likely at any future point in time).

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