Sonic the Hedgehog (Watermill Press book)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (Watermill Press book)
Illustrator: Ron Zalme
Publisher: Watermill Press
Genre: Novel
Type: Paperback
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1995 $1.95 ?

Sonic the Hedgehog is a story book, written for young children, notable for its unusual shape and size. It is set in the same universe as SatAM.


The book begins with Sonic, around age 7 and wearing green shoes with a yellow stripe, visiting his uncle Chuck, an inventor, after practicing running as fast as he could. Chuck gives him a special magic ring he has invented to increase Sonic's speed and power. They hear a loud crash in the backyard, and see a teenage Robotnik fuming over the broken remains of a robot he just built. After blaming Sonic and Chuck, Robotnik runs away, swearing revenge.

Eight years later, Robotnik hasn't returned, and Sonic is now a teenager working as a delivery boy for his uncle's chili dog stand. Chuck gets an order for 200 chili dogs, and Sonic sets out to deliver them in a wheelbarrow, wearing new red sneakers Chuck had invented. Muttski, Sonic's dog, begins to growl, and Chuck turns see Robotnik and five large Swatbot robots. It soon became clear to Chuck that Robotnik was the one that placed to order to distract Sonic. Robotnik declares he is King of Mobius and orders his robots to kidnap Chuck and Muttski.

When Sonic arrives at the destination specified in the chili dog order, a large factory, and unknowingly walks into the trap. Sonic is able to escape the traps using his speed. He returns to the stand, seeing Chuck gone, and the place being guarded by Swatbots. He quickly dispatches them, and sees a piece of metal that reads "Made by Robotnik, King of Mobius". He speeds toward Robotnik's factory.

Upon arrival at the front gate, he meets Princess Sally Acorn, a chipmunk girl who warns him not to enter, telling him that her father, the true king of Mobius, has been kidnapped by Robotnik. Sonic tells her that his uncle and dog have been captured, at which point she reveals that most of the other citizens of Mobius have also been captured, and are being turned into robots using the Ro-Bo-Machine.

When Sonic sees through a window that Chuck and Muttski have been turned into robots already, he leaps over the fence and smashes through a wall. Using the power ring his uncle gave him, he smashes all the robot guards one by one. He gives Muttski to Sally, takes Chuck, and they escape the factory. Sonic apologizes for being unable to find Sally's father.

Sally tells him that this is just the beginning; that she and a group of others had formed an alliance to stop Robotnik and claim back their planet: The Freedom Fighters. She takes Sonic to the secret entrance to Knothole Village, and introduces him to Tails, Rotor, and the others. Upon hearing Sonic will join their group, they cheer. Sonic takes out his magic ring, and after a bright yellow light fills the room, Chuck and Muttski glow and return to normal. Confused, Sonic tells Chuck what transpired, and that they can use the power rings to rescue the other prisoners, defeat Robotnik, and give the throne back to the rightful king of Mobius.

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