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Sonic MAX
Latest version: 1.2
Latest release date: 12/6/15
TruePowerofTeamwork - Creator/Coder

Mega Ikey Ilex - Accuracy
Mr. Potatobadger - Accuracy
Mr. Lange - Accuracy, Various Help
Nekkosu - Android/iOS Graphics
SuperBliz/AeroGP - Trail Code
Damizean - Bridges

Sonic Max is an open-source Sonic engine made in GameMaker Studio with an initial development time of 500+ hours over the course of six months. The main purpose with the engine is to be as accurate as possible to the classic Mega Drive games while allowing for as much customization as possible.

The engine designed to be efficient, easy to use with many flags for changing certain aesthetics, and can be exported for many different platforms. Everyone is open to contribute or help out.

Playable Characters

  • Sonic (Sonic 3 move set, complete with Insta-Shield and Elemental shields. He is also able to turn Super and Hyper, and has an optional Homing attack)
  • Tails (Sonic 3 move set)
  • Knuckles (Sonic 3 move set)


  • Floor Mode and 360-degree angle detection
  • Parallax
  • Over 30 gimmicks/objects
  • Input recording engine
  • Key sequence engine
  • Cutscene engine
  • Debug mode
  • Palette cycling
  • Custom room transitions
  • Infinite layer terrain
  • Sonic 2-style menu screens
  • Sonic 3-style save system
  • Basic endless level generation
  • 3D-animated water


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