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Sonic Carnival (ソニックカーニバル) is an area within Tokyo Joypolis dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog arcade games. Opened in August 2012[1], it features a number of smaller carnival games intended for younger children and their parents.


Tokyo Joypolis Carnival, early 2000s

The predecessor to Sonic Carnival (known as the Tokyo Joypolis Carnival or simply the Carnival) first opened in July 1996 alongside the launch of Tokyo Joypolis, and was located on the venue's first floor to provide families with easy access. Despite lacking Sonic's name in the title, it was heavily branded with the character's likenessMedia:SonicCarnival earlysign.png[2], and contained a number unique games designed with young children in mind.

In August 2012, the area was refurbished and reopened as Sonic Carnival[1], this time directly themed around the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and moved to the second floor.[3]

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