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  • Appears to be largely intact and nearly identical to the final, but can't be loaded without intensive hacking due to it being compiled in September, which means it's expecting a different version of 1ST_READ.bin.
Act 1
  • Act 1's lighting files are present, but seem identical to the final.
Act 2
  • The level geometry, while very close to the final, has a few alterations, particularly in the final area of the act. The area where you have to fire rockets at the large cannon is missing its two rocket platforms, which indicates that part of the level was a late addition.
  • The textures are slightly different, particularly for decorative parts of the stage geometry the player would be hard-pressed to see in normal gameplay.
Act 3
  • The level geometry, while very close to the final, has a few alterations:
    • The offshoots in the latter part of the stage (where Knuckles can enter to find shards) have shorter hallways in this version.
    • This version has symmetrical tube structures in the first part of the stage, over the first area the player lands in after ascending from the beginning of the act. In the final, one of these is missing.
    • There is only one set of lattices bordering the stage geometry in this version. In the final, this is doubled.
    • The textures for the square-shaped holes that Knuckles can dig into in his version of the act are far darker than in the final.
    • Object OCARRIER3 is used in this build.


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